The Importance of Being Bilingual in Public Relations

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The Importance of Being Bilingual in Public Relations:

The Importance of Being Bilingual in Public Relations Six thousand eight-hundred. That’s the rough number of languages spoken in the world today . Third. That’s the place Spanish takes with a roaring 346 million-plus people speaking Spanish. In the U.S. alone there are  37.6 million Spanish-speakers , making it the second most spoken language . Being bilingual is beneficial; I’ve never heard someone complain that fluently speaking two languages has hindered their way of life. In fact  recent studies  have demonstrated that a multilingual person is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia longer.

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I fully embrace my bilingualism and went as far as making sure I’d land a job that would allow me to resourcefully use my Spanish-speaking abilities to strategically deliver a message and gain a larger audience . When I was researching which public relations/affairs agencies would be a right fit, I was shocked to learn that not many agencies were utilizing or even recruiting Spanish-speakers to broaden a client’s audience. There are more Spanish speakers than ever today, and the number will only continue to grow, until Spanish-speakers become the majority. Why not take advantage of this skill, when you can add an entirely different community to your reach ? When I was asked if I was interested in serving as part of the Ford Motor Co., California Communications Team with an emphasis on the Latino market with FSB Core Strategies, I found myself in a unique position that enabled me to live my public relations passion for both general market clients, and those looking to serve the Latino community as well.

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Working primarily with Spanish-language media in Los Angeles; the capability to effortlessly communicate with others in more than one language is also an asset in the workplace and opens doors to a whole new world of public relations. I am lucky enough to partake in many events that showcase the power of bilingualism, where the measure of success is media coverage and relationships. How efficient is it to have a bilingual team that builds both general market and Latino media and influencer relationships? The ability to communicate with English and Spanish media outlets, doubles the coverage and reach for a client .  Article Source:-

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