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Great Southern Coins Online Coin Wholesaler

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Great Southern Coins is an online coin wholesaler with more than ten years of experience in selling valuable coins and precious metals, to both the amateur collectors as well as seasoned numismatists. Great Southern Coins is one of the leading internet coin dealers, and they offer several auctions throughout the week from 7:00pm to 11:00pm central standard time, each day of the week, with the exception of Fridays. Online Coin Seller With Wide Ranging Experience

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Customers can choose from a wide range of quality coins at competitive prices at each auction. The buyers from Great Southern Coins travel all over the country looking for rare coins that offer unique investment opportunities for their clients. Great Southern Coins buys coins in great volumes, they are able to pass the savings to the customers. Extensive Choice of Coins at Competitive Prices

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The website of Great Southern Coins also gives customers the opportunity to request coins through a Coin Request form. The coin request form gives customers the opportunity to request certain dates and grades of coins or have Great Southern locate the hard to find key dates needed to complete a set or a collection. Once the specific coin, in the given price range is located, the Great Southern Coins contacts the customers through the given email address or phone number provided during the request. Informative Website to Help Customers

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Great Southern Coins reviews often talk about the excellent customer support provided by the company. Along with providing a great collection of certified and uncertified coins, they also offer honest and reliable services to their customers. Customers can call the toll free number to get answers for their queries or any other information they require. The firm keeps customer satisfaction as their top priority for all clients and also offers an unconditional return policy in case a customer is not satisfied with their order. Positive Feedback from Previous Customers

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Great Southern Coins also offers free Under Valued Coin Alert (UVC Alert) email and webpage posting for their customers daily. Through this page, customers can learn about all of the current auctions expiring on that day, and the coins that currently have a closing bid price that is below Great Southern Coins’ actual cost. . Special Offers Like UVC Alerts

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Contact Great Southern Coins Great Southern P.O. Box 456 Boerne, TX 78006 Ph:: 830-331-9117 Toll Free:: 1-888-409-8344 Fax:: 210-745-0358

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