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Los 11 deportes mas extremos de mundo:

Los 11 deportes mas extremos de mundo Jefferson Emilio Hernández Santamaría 806 Fabiola

The Skydiving:

The Skydiving Skydiving, paragliding, ultralight or Icarus, are some disciplines within sports extreme flight in Mexico, which have given the opportunity and unforgettable human experience of flying. These sports activities such as skydiving is considered to has its story and says that originated from military exercises where the soldiers were thrown from a plane only to fall and not to fly, as does a follower of this extreme activity.


Paragliding Its origins come parachuting in some cases are activities that are similar and others are very different, such as the glider has a perfectly aerodynamic profile and much larger wing open cell and closed ahead behind the person has much more time to plan and take off from a mountain does not a plane as in the paracidismo . This discipline was born in France when groups of climbers made ​​use of a parachute to avoid down from the mountains. Also, NASA has contributed a lot to the invention, since the landing system of its space capsules includes parachute which served as prototype

The rafting or rafting:

The rafting or rafting The rafting an extreme sport which combines the skill and spirit of adventure. The rafting is a sport and recreational activity which consists of walking the path of the river in the direction of the flow (downstream) and is usually on some kind of boat. The boats that are used are the raft, canoe or kayak, which may be rigid or inflatable.

Mountain biking:

Mountain biking Mountain biking is one more of the many different extreme sports with the passage of time is having more followers and which together can practice ecotourism, rural tourism and adventure. In this activity a person mounted on a bicycle can travel great distances in very difficult and dangerous terrain at unimaginable speeds.

Climbing or rappelling:

Climbing or rappelling This extreme sport involves descending natural or artificial walls very high, with long slope, using for this purpose only of physical force and special equipment. There are several types of climbing that comes from the place and equipment. For example by where this rock climbing, which in turn can be promoted by the interior when cracked, outside or both

Gotcha and Paintball:

Gotcha and Paintball The gotcha is one more of the fantastic extreme sports you can practice today, in fact this activity is among those that have been known for their great development worldwide in recent years. The gotcha originates from the English word which means I got you "catch you", is an extreme sport that requires physical ability and intellect to develop, since the purpose is to defeat as many opponents using a marker that base capsules of paint shoots air, the brand means defeat.


surfing It was so with time and with much practice and destresa Hawaiians became amazing explorers, mariners and experts in the art of "riding waves". For 1900 desarrollandoce surfing in Hawaii thanks to increasingly Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku wins swimming gold medal at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912. It is now recognized worldwide as one of the more extreme sports apacionantes where is the man who has to master those waves so difficult at times that is why surfing is so recocnocido and loved by athletes

The Diving:

The Diving This extreme sport is either submerged beaches, coastlines, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, dams, cenotes and caves, with proper training and equipment, which will allow the person to breathe underwater and move freely. All this with the aim of exploring amazing, interesting and diverse ecosystems. Traductor


Skate The skate that began by the 1970s in California and quickly evolved to the present day. This extreme sport while serving as a means of transportation in cities around the world can also perform stunts, jumps and stunts which several falls at the beginning and some other injuries can enjoy it greatly. And if you do not do it for fear of falling, it is very nice to see is very enjoyable to see the skaters skate as jump several feet in the air spinning and fall as if nothing had happened.

Bungee jumping:

Bungee jumping This is an extreme sport that originated thousands of years ago, so it is located within the oldest. Its origin dates in Oceania, specifically in Vanuta islands now called the New Hebrides. The jump was a rite called Gkol which consisted in showing that he had gone from being a brave teenage boy, and the best way was jumping off towers rods with heights up to 25 meters leading a vine rope tied to his ankles.


Parkour Parkour , also known as l'art du déplacement (the art of displacement) is a discipline of French origin that consists of moving in any environment (urban or natural environments), using the body's own abilities, trying to be as fast and fluid as possible and making safe and efficient movement. This means overcoming obstacles that arise in the course, such as fences or railings, walls, etc. Practitioners of parkour are called traceurs ( traceuses in the case of women). Parkour Training must be progressive and secure. The aim of training (which may vary with each practitioner) is to train physically and mentally strong people able to respond in an emergency and be useful to society. This training method was developed by David Belle and his group of friends in the early 90's inspired by "Natural Method" by Georges Hébert. Practitioners of Parkour variant erroneously called "free running" mainly seek beauty in the movement, performing acrobatics and aesthetic movements derived from the gymnasts

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