Mechanical Miracles of the 21st century


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mechenical miracles


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1. Wind farm in the middle of the ocean A few Miracles of the 21st century

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20 km from the coast of Denmark, you will find “Horns Rev”, the biggest wind farm in the world. 80 turbines 110 m tall, capable of 160 MW

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The fins are 30 m long. Transferul unei elice Η συναρμολόγηση Η θαλάσσια μεταφορά.

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Η συναρμολόγηση.

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Πανοραμική θέα του αιολικού πάρκου.

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2. Fantasy road that exists part of the time A few Miracles of the 21st century

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. The highway between Tibbitt and Contwoyto in Canada. Most dangerous road in the world. It is over 500km long and consist of 85% frozen lakes. The ice can break at any time. Arctic highway

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This road can only operate / come into effect during the coldest months of the year. When the ice becomes strong enough every year the road is made. Here is a series of truck on the ice – each 70 τons.

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Some people try and push their luck at the end of the season – but in the end nature has the final say.

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3. Colossus of the sea. A few Miracles of the 21st century

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The biggest ship in the world. Used for the heaviest, and biggest of things needing transport

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Oil Rigs transported off-shore …

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…Oil refinery …a whole Military Radar…

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How it can be loaded at sea; 1. It sinks under the water… The ships park on top… 3. And then it raises itself!! SIMPLU, NU ?

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4. Modern ways to control water. (a water highway;) A few Miracles of the 21st century

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The bridge “Magdeburg” (Germany) – you need to look at it a number of times to understand what is actually happening. It’s a bridge that goes over the Elba river. It allows boats easy access into canals. It cost more than 500 million Euros and took 6 years to build

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