Impact of Computer on Modern Society

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“Impact of Computer on Modern Society”:

“Impact of Computer on Modern Society” Complied by: Jeevan Acharya


INTRODUCTION: What is computer? Computer is an electronic device which takes raw data as input from the user and processes these data under the control of set of instruction (called program) and gives the result (output ). British mathematicians Charles Babbage is called “father of computer.” Previous computer was huge. It was as big as a house . The desktop or laptop computer that you use today is much more powerful than those big machines.


Cont……. Advantage of computer :- An aid to management - Banking Industrial Application - Telephones Road Traffic Control - Military Medicine recording and film studios Research Computers have both positive and negative impact in our daily life as well as in our social life.

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“ In the worlds no one is perfect otherwise everybody became god.” Computer is also like coins which have both sides head and tail, same likes this computer also have advantage and disadvantage.


RESULT: User of computer is increasing day by day. As we had used the mentioned methodology for findings, we found many impact of computer on modern societies but we presented the impact of computer on the modern societies by four ways which is presented below. And Here we talk only the main impact:-

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Cont …… Impact of computer in modern societies according to age group: Impact on children :- animated films i.e. cartoon-like movies & a movie that is full of action:- unbelievable thing/action make Psychology impact on children practice these activities from which problem like child mortality rate, injury, disabilities and death is increase day by day. a kid who plays too much video or computer games :-

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Cont ….. socially isolated and spend less time interacting physically with friends and family members as well as less time on physical activities led to the advance in obesity can hamper children’s social skills, discourage more imaginative play, and—in the case of more explicit games—promote violence. 2. Impact on adult :- too busy sitting in their bedrooms, talking on a Messenger service or updating their social networking pages.

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Cont ….. a reduced ability to interact with others in a personal sense in later life chat to each other until midnight from which problem on eye sight increase heard a new that girl is mainly affect from social networking sites because bad company boy sent nude photo and unnecessary words through this sites . type of facilities social crime is also increase easily download blue films from this facility. Due to which Psychology impact on adult and disease related to STIDS is increasing.


Cont… 3 . Impact on elder age :- famous quotation in Nepali communities,” Aago tapnu mudako, kura shunnu bhuda ko !” because Elder age people have more experience about many works stay elder people at home like frog in tank.

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Cont …. B. Impact of computer in modern societies according to different sectors :- Impact on Business :- Staff dependency on computer Change our job style Increasing crimes Privacy Information theft Impact on industry:


Cont…. Robot that are controlled by computers Robots do every work that is impossible to do . many industries kept robot in order to reduce investment and decreased the number of labors also increase the problem of unemployment . Competition (think on quantitative not qualitative) Impact on health a person's health may be affected if he or she spends too much time playing computer games and less time on physical activities.


Cont….. not have to walk to the library any longer which may mean less time is spent on physical exercise as walking is a form of exercise. made possible for doctors to search instantly for any information about any disease or patient at light Impact on communication:- Before the Internet was readily available to everyone, we have to physically move to a letterbox to send our messages . With the Internet, a person can send messages using the email technology and messengers


Cont… Impact on education:- At school:- have begun to connect to the Internet, but they must be able to afford the equipment, the connection charges, and the cost of training teachers . At libraries: libraries are transferring their printed information into databases Government Issues:- Strike (Andolan ) - Cybercrime


Cont… C. Impact of computer in modern societies according to characteristics that are the root of this impact: Ubiquity (2) Magnification (3) Accessibility (4) Reproducibility and Disreputability (5) Lack of Accountability (6) Temporality (7) Spatiality (8) Surveillability (9) Shifting of Relationships/Changes in Intercommunication Protocols (10) Illusion of Precision


Cont… D. Other impact of computer on modern societies : Spam Computer fraud and predators Viruses and worms

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