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Presentation on animation : 

Presentation on animation By :-SURJEET SINGH

Use of Animation In : 

Use of Animation In ADVERTISEMENT

Presentation Points : 

Presentation Points Introduction. What is animation? History of animation Early ,Traditional and future animation What is advertisement? Use of advertisement. Role of animations in advertisement.

Introduction : 

Introduction The use of “animation” in advertising is not a new technique, but new technology and marketing trends have affected the way it is used to sell products. In this sense, “animation” has been regarded for some time as the "retarded brother" of advertising.

What is animation? : 

What is animation? Animation is a graphic representation of drawings to show movement within those drawings. Make objects change over timeaccording to scripted actions It is a medium which helps us to understand things in a different way.

Early animations, which started appearing before 1910, consisted of simple drawings photographed one at a time. Walt Disney took animation to a new level. He was the first animator to add sound to his movie cartoons with the premiere of “Steamboat Willie” in 1928. In 1937, he produced the first full length animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

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With the introduction of computers, animation took on a whole new meaning. A film like Star Wars by George Lucas would rely heavily on computer animation for many of its special effects. Toy Story, produced by Walt Disney Productions and Pixar Animation Studios, became the first full length feature film animated entirely on computers when it was released in 1995. With the advent of personal computers, it has now become possible for the average person to create animations.

Early animations : 

Early animations In the Beginning... In Early time human studied the dynamic motion of animal this way.

Walt Disney early animation : 

Walt Disney early animation released November 18, 1928 Disney created the first cartoon synchronized with sound entitled 'Steamboat Willie‘

Early animation in real movie : 

Early animation in real movie Early ‘real’ animation: creating each frame of a real scene by hand = stop motion animation. Example: King Kong (1933), hybrid of animatronics and stop motion animation.

Traditional Animation : 

Traditional Animation Traditional animation use squash and stretch techniques. These animations can change the object size while it will be hit by something to give the feeling that they some mass. For e.g. see the balls and dog pictures changes its size while an action can be done.

The Future of Animation 3d Animation Toy Story - released November 22, 1995 Toy Story is considered to be a first animated feature ever generated completely on computers. Disney and Pixar partnered up to create this film.

What is Advertisement? : 

What is Advertisement? Anything that calls attention to a product or service Ex: -TV commercial Newspaper/magazine ad Poster Clothing Cigarette lighter, …. This can actually lead to an increase in the price elasticity of brands

Use of Advertisement : 

Use of Advertisement Advertising can build the strength of a brand. Advertising exists to help to sell things. It is mainly about brands It is mainly designed to create and strengthen consumer impressions of the brand

Role of animations in advertisement : 

Role of animations in advertisement Animated things can give a feeling of reality and aliveness. With this can come appeal and desirability Animation will often be able to help in explaining products factually and seriously. There will be thousands more instances where animation can be useful in advertising. No other medium elevates a product's perceived qualities in quite the way animation can.

The effect of commercial animations in advertisements upon the viewing public has been so successful Perhaps no other medium can match 3D animation to show a quick visual summary of even the most complex product idea. when much of the appeal of a product is its appearance, animation adds major value to that. What today's need in communication to get to the point quickly. Animation does exactly that.

Although Animation in advertising is an accepted part of every day life, there is still great debate as to how Animation in advertising works and the role it can and should perform within the marketing communication mix. Animation can give the effect in advertisement so that advertisement should be able to attract more people’s. Combined with slick video editing and photography, animation can be used to enhance the appearance of any product.

Summaries Overview : 

Summaries Overview In this presentation we conclude about the animation. We also discuss about the history of animation(1928 Mickey Mouse “Steamboat Willie” ) Then, the future animation(3D) We discuss about the advertisement Need of advertisement and, Last we all discuss about the various role of animation in advertisement

Thank you : 

Thank you By :-surjeet

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