Effective Use of PowerPoint

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Effective Use of PowerPoint : 

Effective Use of PowerPoint The dos and don’ts of Slide Design

The 6 x 6 Rule : 

The 6 x 6 Rule No more than 6 lines per slide No more than 6 words per line

Following the Rule : 

Following the Rule Easy to read Main points highlighted Focus is on presenter

Not following the Rule : 

Not following the Rule There is a lot of text that takes a lot of time to read. People are reading your slides and not listening to you. Your main points get lost in all the other text on the slide.

Color : 

Color Background Text Contrast

Contrast : 

Contrast Readable? Blinding?

Font Size : 

Font Size Titles 44 – 60 pt. Headings 32-36 pt. Sub-Points 28 pt.

Bad Font Size : 

Bad Font Size Big Fonts = less room Small fonts = less readable

Images, Sounds and Animation : 

Images, Sounds and Animation For impact Use in Moderation

Too Much! : 

Too Much! Fade and Sound for everything! Increases the time to get one slide up Boy, is that annoying!

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