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Jean-François Ott is Chairman of Ott Properties and Ott Ventures, a fund dedicated to digital innovations and startups.


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Ott Partners Family Office Venture and Real Estate Corporation

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About us 2 key arms each focused on different asset class 02 I Ott Ventures / Venture Business • Specialized ventures and start-up investment vehicle looking for new opportunities • 60+ private equity deals EUR 3 bln raised • Our heart is studio in Prague from where we lead the business Ott Properties / Real Estate • Real estate development and hospitality projects in top locations like Paris Berlin Prague Budapest Moscow Warsaw • Since 1991 realized over 200 developments and projects • Offices in Paris and Prague I x UNIQUE MODERN APPROACH We found always new way how to succeed. x UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES Our partners and employees will bring the business on new level. x DEALS DONE We experienced fail success and we work with this experience.

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Ott Ventures Services and Business 04 Venture Capital and Seed- funding We cooperate with large network of investors more than 60 deals done Business plan review writing One of underestimated thing that gets specific format in our hands Consulting services We provide change Management IT HR Services Equity products We have knowledge of options and other derivates to grow or protect your business Budgeting We guide you through process of budget that fits environment banks valuators Reporting Our team can prepare internal within company external to investors and other subjects IPO’s ICO’s New capital is needed and we know ways how to reach it. Connections Expand your business abroad new markets and others. Our database is wide. 60 5 USA Mainly direct investments into IT platforms EU Number of venture and startup in all sectors 25 years of experience

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Ott Properties Locations and counts of our projects. 05 Real estate development More than 200 realized and running projects is behind us. Project management Our team of professionals will lead your acquisition or development project. Hospitality management We provide connection to all top chains and own hotel management company. Digitalization of old industries We do Construction Urbanism Hospitality and Healthcare projects. Corporate lending We are ready to refinance your property or upgrade it. Search and consultancy We find a property for you in any country based on your requests. 23 41 10 2 9 1 7

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Chairman Founder „I am a serial entrepreneur I enjoy working in the creative sphere and in bringing market changing concepts to reality“ 08 Jean Francois Ott Chairman Founder MY BIO After graduating in Finance and Economics from the Grenoble Political Sciences Institute and the INSEAD Owners Directors Program Jean-Francois served 18 months in South Korea before starting a career as a derivatives trader in Paris in 1987. Jean-François Ott is Chairman of Ott Properties and Ott Ventures a fund dedicated to digital innovations and startups. Based in Prague and Paris he is the creative leader. Jean-François is a seasoned serial entrepreneur who has launched businesses in real estate hospitality internet portals and renewable energies. As the founding manager of Orco Property Group and MaMaison Hotels chain he led over EUR 3 billion investments in more than 200 real estate projects. He is a French citizen and a Czech resident. www.linkedin.com/in/jean-francois-ott 1 4 3 2 Chairman of Ott Partners and Ott Ventures founded in 2014 Former founder and Chairman of Orco Property Group €4bn in Assets 30 Private Equity Deals done and 15 startups created More than 200 Real Estate Projects realized 5 Over €1.5 bn equity bond funding raised and €1.5bn Bank financing arranged

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Ott Properties CEO „The word "final" is a word removed from my vocabulary the search for perfection evolves in each project we undertake“ 08 Nicolas Tommasini Ott Properties CEO MY BIO After graduating from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris ‘Sciences Po’ in 1992 and from Lancaster University with a Master in Finance and Economics in 1993 Nicolas started his career launching subsidiaries in Africa and Eastern Europe of AGS a major European transport removal company. He launched and developed the Romanian subsidiary in Bucharest in the years 1995-1996. In 1996-97 he took the position of Deputy CEO of property manager Bazin S.A. in Paris. Based in Paris and Berlin Nicolas is responsible for risk management investment execution asset management and development supervising. He decides on new investments together with Jean-Francois Ott. Among the assets in Ott Properties today are: Pachtuv Palace a boutique hotel in Prague Hakeburg a castle for redevelopment in Berlin FPN a mixed development in Northern Paris Molcom a logistics platform in Moscow and a portfolio of currency and options trading. www.linkedin.com/in/ntommasini/ 1 4 3 2 Strong financial and economics background In early 2009 Nicolas was Deputy CEO and Group CFO From 2015 is based in Paris and Berlin Launched and developed Orco in Germany from 2004 5 Invested over €1 Billion in 15 years

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Ott Ventures CEO „Hire people who are better than you are then leave them to get on with it.“ 08 David Stybr Ott Ventures CEO MY BIO Management finance IT were main study fields on Czech university of Economics in Prague that gave David basic framework for his career. He used to work for IT finance and real estate companies mainly as team leader financially oriented manager with business structure orientation. His last work went through several departments with 200 employees under control and direct management. He was leading restructuration in several companies to work more efficiently and was oriented on employees management IT process support and financial performance. www.linkedin.com/in/davidstybr/ 1 4 3 2 Strong management and strategical background CEO of several companies with 200+ employees and more than 400 MEUR valuation Structural and change management with strong leadership Team structures business plan and HR specialist 5 Startup / venture / business / raising expertise

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Time Line What we achieved 12 1991 Orco property created Development and real estate phase started Selected Private Equity Deals • Investment in The Prague Tribune and Synergie ’94 • Acquisition of IPB Real ’02 • Acquisition of Viterra Development Germany ‘04 • Acquisition Restructuring of Suncani Hvar Hotels Croatia ’05 • Acquisition of 30 of Stock-Market broker AEK ‘06 • Acquisition in JV with Morgan Stanley RE of GSG €400m portfolio in Berlin to become the first private property owner in Berlin ‘06 Selected Real Estate Deals • Kickoff of Zlota44 tower project in Warsaw ‘05 • Acquisition of Budapest Stock-Exchange Building ‘06 • Launch of Sunny Hills 1’500 residential units in JV with GE Capital ‘06 Selected Startups • Henry’s Supermarket sold in ’96 • SanteFamille.com sold in ‘02 • Creation of MaMaison Residences ‘02 • Saint-Medard Wineyard ‘09 2014 • Merger of Orco Germany with CPI Property Group to create a €4bn market capitalization company • Creation of Ott Partners a Family Office that performs proprietary investments and Club Deals through: • Ott Properties for Real Estate • Ott Ventures for Startups / Venture capital 2018 • Two stabilized offices in EU with specialist in finance law and IT • New ventures and real estate project considered every day • Deals connections introductions are main business streamers of our work 1991 Orco started 1994 Real estate Equity deals 2014 Ott Partners start 2018 New deals and growth

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Selected Ott Ventures Projects Few projects from venture and startup portfolio. 18 CityCare • Launched in 2010 the Citycare defibrillator is the most leading-edge and most effective on the market today. • Already deployed in 40 countries around the world and recently elected "Best in Class" in England. • Can be used by non-medical persons just follow the instructions its the Citycare AED that decides. • http://www.citycare.fr/ Redcrox • RedCrox is an unique marketing incentive tool that gives retailers an unfair competitive advantage. • After purchasing from a RedCrox partner customers will “play” their receipts on RedCrox to win 100 cashback at no loss for the customer or the retailer. • https://www.redcrox.com Skinjay • Helps you benefit from the positive effects of Aroma- therapy and Aromachology directly on your body in the shower. • The Aromachology capsules from the ODYSSEY collection will stimulate your senses and take you on an intense emotional journey • https://www.skinjay.com/en/ MDI • MDI is works to design develop and create clean ergonomic and affordable vehicles and power generators. • Taking into consideration only the essential and needful features MDI has formulated an overall philosophy based on technological innovations • http://www.mdi.lu/

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Selected Ott Properties Projects Sample of real estate projects. 18 Domaine St Medard • Vineyard and luxury B B in Provence France. • St. Medard wine is produced in a family owned winery dedicated to the craft of fine classical wine- making • http://www.saintmedardwine.com/ Smetana Hotel • A cultural and architectural landmark of the city in its own right with its rich history and baroque scenery • Short stroll from Old Town Prague the Astronomical Clock Charles Bridge Prague Castle • https://www.smetanahotel.com/ Oranien Loft • The Oranien loft is a typical example of our innovation spirit. • http://oranienloft.com/ Fonciere Paris Nord • Foncière Paris Nord is a limited company SA which owns and manages a heritage consisting mainly of offices located at Blanc-Mesnil 93 with an area of 48587 sqm allocated for development. • http://www.fonciere-parisnord.com/ La Résidence Paris • Beautiful private landscaped garden which isolates the villa of all overlooking buildings • https://www.laresidenceparis. com/

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Other Selected Projects Example of past and present projects. 18 Holi • Say goodbye to your old alarm clock. Say hello to SleepCompanion • It syncs with your natural body rhythm and produces light which your body needs the right time. • http://www.holimotion.com/ My Mini Factory • MyMiniFactory.com is the worlds largest curated 3D object download platform. • It is a thriving community which gives its users free access to thousands of 3D printable files • https://www.myminifactory.co m iClinique • I Clinique helps both public and private clinics ensure they provide their clients with the most efficient and optimum service available with modern technology. • https://www.iclinique.eu/ Maternov • Maternov is a medical company that provides health supplements and advice for pregnant women. • With over 100 points of sale mainly based in Northern France Maternov is a market leader platform. • http://www.maternov.com/

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Hospitality and Real estate Showcase of selected real estate hospitality projects we managed or developed 18 • 2 • 5 AMFORA HOTEL VILLA DALMACIJA HOTEL LE REGINA HOTEL ANDRÁSSY HOTEL PALACE HOTEL

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Life in Numbers Our achievements. 39 Reached of projects deals raising or another activities. 50 venture projects Realized and funded projects Active investment countries Czech Slovakia Germany France Russia USA 15 EUR bln raised Total number of raised money for our partners 10 IPOs We helped 10 companies to go public 10 15 6 50 35 hospitality projects We managed to open and run over 35 hotels and restaurants 35

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Our Value Providing Process How we behave to our projects. 51 1 INDUSTRY EXPERTISE VISION 2 EXTENSIVE NETWORK 3 COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT AMBITION 1 IDENTIFY SELECT • Especially in EC where we are active in the start-up ecosystem • We have the experience of taking a project from business model proofing to IPO 2 INTERACT • Period of observation with review of Business Model • We act as strategic advisors • Thanks to our former experiences we have acquired a large network of business partners investors or advisors 3 BOOST FUND • Through resources sharing • Development before funding • We provide a working space for entrepreneurs • Knowledge and ambition sharing can build successful companies. We are committed in all funded projects

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Our Culture and Values Our behaviour and mentality. 52 Our behavior • For more than 20 years Ott family does investments across Europe and USA. • You can learn fast with us how to speed up growth of yours business. • We value all our partners and employees by providing them space and opportunity to express themselves. I Ott Family Ott family is respected and known in Europe made serious investments and has responsible behavior. II Experience sharing One founder leader and mentor. We share within our team all experience ever gained so mistakes are not repeated. III Winners mentality We can fall but we never lose. Our only target is success and victory. IV Respect for all We don’t judge people respect everyone and feel responsibility to our surrounding.

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CONTACT US Lets start 54 Ott Ventures Husova 5 110 00 Prague Czech republic www.ottventures.cz +420 773 797 644 contactottventures.cz www.ottproperties.eu +33 0140 67 67 00 jchouanineottproperties.eu Ott Properties 10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris France www.linkedin.com/company/ott-properties-s-a-/ twitter.com/Ottproperties1 www.linkedin.com/company/ott-ventures/ twitter.com/OttVentures

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