Combine Concaves John Deere

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Try out the new case combine harvester which helps you not only reap but helps in threshing and winnowing too. This versatile machine will thresh crops efficiently with as much less damage it can to the grains. Designed to harvest crops with a combine are wheat, barley, corns, soybeans, canola, sunflower, etc.


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Combine Concaves John Deere:

Combine Concaves John Deere

One Set. All Crops.:

One Set. All Crops. XPR Concave System. The BEST money you will EVER spend on your combine. Did you know every rotor combine loses 3-5 bu /acre? That's $30,000 on the ground, year-after-year, on 1,000 acres of soybeans. But there is good news with our XPR Threshing / Separating Concave System - #1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines.

Amazing Features Of Modern John Deere Harvester:

Amazing Features Of Modern John Deere Harvester Increase Profitability Less Grain Damage Stop Rotor Loss Avoids radiator chocking Capability to work in different conditions Less expensive Digital meter and instrument panel

Contact us @ 1-765-650-4550:

Contact us @ 1-765-650-4550

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