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Instructional technology design principles for creating and presenting MS Power Point slides


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Instructional Design Principles for Slide Presentations : 

Instructional Design Principles for Slide Presentations Dr. Jacqui Cyrus School of Education

Slide Content : 

Slide Content One idea per slide Present key points only Avoid reading from slides

Key Points : 

Key Points Use ‘bullets.’ Keeps text organized Use key words or short phrases Keep text left-aligned Content is easier to read.

Slide Design : 

Slide Design Allow plenty WHITE SPACE Use graphics where possible Helps the visual learner Use graphics sparingly Put one major point on a slide

7 x 7 Rule : 

7 x 7 Rule 1 one 2 one two 3 one two three 4 one two three four 5 one two three four five 6 one two three four five six 7 one two three four five six seven

Background : 

Background Jewel tones are the best Darker blues, greens, burgundy and purples Worst colors Reds, black, and white Busy backgrounds are harder to read quickly.

Background Color Practice : 

Background Color Practice Menu ---> format Scroll down to word ‘Background.’ From dropdown menu, select color For 2 colors, select fill effects Apply to one slide or all slides

Text : 

Text AVOID USING ALL CAPS Avoid Captalizing Every Word Use a natural style of writing

Text Size : 

Text Size Minimum size should be 36 pt. Titles should remain at 44 pt. Avoid fancy or condensed lettering The recommended styles: sans serif such as Geneva, Comic sans or Arial.

Text Style : 

Text Style Plain Text Bold Shadow Bold and Shadow

Graphics : 

Graphics Use graphics to clarify a point. Do NOT use an unrelated graphic. Position the graphic carefully Start on the left. Use animation to bring image up before or after the specific point.

No Apologies! : 

No Apologies! If you cannot read the text, If you cannot see the graphic, then DON’T use it!

Sound : 

Sound Sound can be an asset. Sound can be a distraction. Use sound to emphasize a point.

How to insert sound : 

How to insert sound From Slide Show, select Custom Animation Select Slide from slide titles Select Effects Select Add Sound These steps may vary according to OS.

Summary : 

Summary Make it readable. Use 7 x 7 rule. Keep it simple. Time yourself and practice prior to delivery

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