Emerging Technology in Medicine

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Emerging Technology in Medicine : 

Emerging Technology in Medicine Biodegradable silk electronics to improve implants By: Julian Childers

Silk ? : 

Silk ? Silk Natural protein fiber Best know source Allows for conformity Harmless breakdown

Building on advancements : 

Building on advancements Foldable, Stretchable circuits Silicon Plastic Rubber Bendable Electronics Sprayed circuits on plastic sheets To slow for computing Foldable ultra-thin flexible circuits

How It Works : 

How It Works Silicon Transmitter 1 millimeter long 250 nanometers thick Placed on silk Holds device in place Conform to tissue surface

The Possibilities : 

The Possibilities Nervous System microchips Wrap around Peripheral nerve Deep brain simulation Control Parkinson's Conform to brains crevices

In Closing : 

In Closing Amazing Possibiliites Innumerable opportunities Add value to lives

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