Week four 557-558

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Week four 557-558Online Session : 

Week four 557-558Online Session Dr.Cannaday

Devotion: : 

Devotion: Refer to the statements selected from Cummins’ work. (Handout provided in doc.sharing titled “Cummins”) What resonates most with your experiences?  Using examples for clarity, explain why.

Strategies you have read about : 

Strategies you have read about Pre-Write/Quick Write…Tell us some methods you know of so far, to meet the needs of older English Language Learners in the classroom?

Some activities to do with ELs based on CALLA : 

Some activities to do with ELs based on CALLA Research Based Practices for helping English Learners SDAIE – Our lesson plan Thematic Instruction Connect to their backgrounds (Experiences, Culture, Language) Organize Collaborative Activities and Scaffold Instruction (Cooperative Learning Problem Solution Journals/Reflection Create Confident students

Stages that coincide with “levels of English Learners : 

Stages that coincide with “levels of English Learners Stages of Language Acquisition Preproduction – Communication through gestures and drawings or yes/no answers Early Production – Students respond to either/or questions with short phrases or words (labeling drawings) Speech Emergence – Students respond in longer phrases or sentences –graphic organizers Intermediate Fluency – Students engage in conversations and produce connections – narrative with beginning, middle, and end Advanced – Students refine and extend abilities…essays, etc…

ISDA Number 1 : 

ISDA Number 1 If you have not already posted your ISDP in the dropbox please do so (or bring to class next week. But, here, how did it go?

More Teaching Strategies : 

More Teaching Strategies Reciprocal Teaching Pre-write or Quick write Dialectical Journal Problem Solution Journal Descriptive Bubble Chart Socratic Seminar Do a quick web search on one of the strategies above and describe it to the class.

TPA : 

TPA Step 2 should be started and ready when you come to class as a draft next week.

Home work : 

Home work Online activities Lesson plan draft brought to class week 5. Final Due the next day in dropbox Journal from ASELL pp. 102 and 132 TPA step 2 done and brought to class in draft form Bring a text book from a class Faith Integration continued Begin Tech. Assignment (In doc. Sharing.)

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