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Millennials By: Shamara Rogers Nicole Smith Joshua Siverson Aaron Robinson

Introduction :

Introduction The Net Generation is stated to be the first generation to have grown up in a digital age. Constantly exposed to technology. Negatives : · They’re dumb · Too much time spent in online activities · No shame · Can’t make career choices · Thieves · Bullies · Violent · No work ethic and are bad employees · “me” generation · Don’t Care Positives : · Great at distinguishing fact from fiction · Fast learners · Speak Technology · Great at multitasking · Can consume information simultaneously and process information · Strong experiential learners · Excellent collaborators · Value work that has meaning

Who is the Net Generation? :

Who is the Net Generation? Commonly referred to as Millennials or Generation Y Born between 1977-1997 Exposed to computer based technology Different learning methods than previous generation Multi-tasking abilities with technologies Active initiators, collaborators, organizers, readers, writers and strategists Smartest generation Positive, driven and optimistic

Understanding the Net Generation:

Understanding the Net Generation The characteristics of traditional age (18-to-22-year-old) college students: Gravitate toward group activity Identify with parents' values and feel close to their parents Believe it's cool to be smart Are fascinated by new technologies Are racially and ethnically diverse; 1 in 5 has at least 1 immigrant parent Are focused on grades and performance Are busy with extracurricular activities Have the ability to read visual images Have excellent visual-spatial skills Have instinctive discovery learning skills Can more easily multi-task Have a fast response time

Targeting the Net Generation:

Targeting the Net Generation Work in environments that allow flexibility, creativity, and innovation Offer telecommuting options Have job tasks require more than just one function Use social media Offer perks Massages Fitness classes Paid volunteer days Family involved events Inform Net Gen. of ways the company contributes to society Allow freedom; do not micromanage

Recruiting Net Geners:

Recruiting Net Geners Utilize social media Be tech/mobile friendly Appeal to their values and share the company’s culture Take advantage of the large amount of information Net Geners have provided digitally and ‘mine’ it Go beyond the simple resume attachment and submission format

Once Recruited and Hired:

Once Recruited and Hired Net Geners have been told they are special their entire lives and as a result have numerous quirks that are different but manageable. Increased technological aptitude and reliance Seek work-life balance and schedule flexibility Require a change in management style

General Guidelines to Managing Net Geners:

General Guidelines to Managing Net Geners Net Geners have a number of assets but also seek certain traits in their work environments. It is crucial to avoid common issues with Net Geners and understand the liabilities they pose. Understand that Net Geners desires are not entirely new.

Net Gener Scheduling:

Net Gener Scheduling Surveys show the majority of employees would prefer more flexible work schedules due to the following: Time with spouse Reduce childcare costs Avoid standard commute Not just when, but where Net Geners work is also important.

Net Geners in the Workforce:

Net Geners in the Workforce 50% of the global workforce by 2020 Internet, computers, Wi-Fi, and social media Knowledge, data, and information Prefer to work from home Technology and Telecommunications

Technology in the Workforce :

Technology in the Workforce Instant Messaging Click to call Smartphones and tablets Bring Your Own Device Video On Demand Social networking Blogs Wikis

Existing Workforce:

Existing Workforce Who They Are: Traditionalists or Silent Generation: born 1945 and before Baby Boomers: born 1946 to 1964 Generation X: born 1965 to 1976

Existing Workforce:

Existing Workforce Reaction to New Guidelines: Insecurity and annoyance Change averse Jealousy

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce:

How to Manage a Multi-Generational Workforce Learn from each other Ensure managers give Net Geners plenty of feedback Remove hierarchies Be ready and willing to face challenges


Conclusion Recruiting the Net Generation Utilize social media to advertise company’s entry level positions Meet and Greet Social activities before interview Managing Net Geners Flexible schedules Continuous learning of multiple skill sets Net Gener Scheduling Advance roles should include work-life balance Ability to work from home


Conclusion Technology Video On Demand Bring Your Own Device Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce Reaction to new guidelines Managers provide sufficient feedback

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