Women of Valor

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Women of Valor:

Women of Valor

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“ A woman of valour who can find? for her price is far above rubies .” Proverbs Chapter 31

Women of Valour Presented by Sol Factor Today we will focus in on two of these remarkable women:

Women of Valour Presented by Sol Factor Today we will focus in on two of these remarkable women Dr. Gisella Perl: Sighet ”:“The Angel of Auschwitz” Magda Trocme : Le Chambon , “A Village Reaches Out”

Dr. Gisella Perl “The Angel of Auschwitz”:

Dr. Gisella Perl “The Angel of Auschwitz” In 1944 a noted Jewish gynecologist from Sighet was deported to Auschwitz. She was selected by the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, as one of the new inmate camp physicians. He demanded that she identify any women who were pregnant. She soon discovered that these women were being taken to be experimented on and then to the gas chambers. Leah London Friedler , who witnessed Dr. Perl’s efforts to save pregnant women testified: Dr. Mengele asked Dr. Perl for the women who were in the early stages,” … “He wanted to do experiments with the babies. But Dr. Perl, at the risk of her life, took the pregnant women out in the middle of the night with my mother to perform abortions, so as not to put the mothers in the hands of Dr. Mengele, giving them a chance to survive.” (I) Leah helped by holding up candles so Dr. Perl could operate in the darkness.

Leah London Friedler:

Leah London Friedler When Dr. Perl came to the United States she was questioned as to whether she was a willing collaborator with Dr. Mengele. The article by Leah London Friedler was one of a number of testimonies as to the good that Dr. Perl did, at great risk to herself, while in Auschwitz. Picture of Leah London Friedler

Dr. Gisella Perl 1907-1988:

Dr. Gisella Perl 1907-1988 According to another former prisoner: “… at night Dr. Perl came into the barrack and administered an ointment with glue-like consistency to every sore, in order to heal (our) …horrific rash. Dr. Perl came periodically to Barrack No. 10 and also went to other barracks to administer this ointment .” She became known as Gisi Doctor by many of the grateful female prisoners. Following the war she came to the United States. She was eventually able to once again practice as she wanted. Later she settled in Israel. According to a 1982 New York Times article : “ Every time Dr. Gisella Perl enters a delivery room, she stops first to pray: ''God, you owe me a life, a living baby.'' …That debt was incurred in Auschwitz… when (she) …realized that to save the lives of hundreds of pregnant women, she would have to prevent them from giving birth .”

Scenes from Out of the Ashes based on Dr. Perl’s Experiences in Auschwitz:

Scenes from Out of the Ashes based on Dr. Perl’s Experiences in Auschwitz

Madame Magda Trocme 1901-1971:

Madame Magda Trocme 1901-1971 Magda Trocme , along with her husband the pastor Andre Trocme lived in the village of Chambon sur Lignon in south central France. In 1940 a Jewish woman came to their door asking for refuge. Without thinking Magda let her in. As Nazi persecution of Jews in France continued, the villagers followed the example of Magda and opened their homes to hundreds of Jewish adults and children.

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The code phrase for the hiding of the Jews was “I’m sending you three Old Testaments.” Rarely was the gestapo successful when they came to round up the Jews. In one of those roundups, Magda’s nephew, Daniel Trocme went with the children he was in charge of at the school. He later died in concentration camp. In a famous interview, Magda was asked how she came to the decision to help save Jews. Her response was, “…there was no decision to take. Are we not all brothers…then let us do something.”

In Conclusion:

In Conclusion All of these women did not wake up one day and say to themselves that they were going to save Jewish children and/or adults. All of the women mentioned had different situations that prompted them to reach out to save adults and children . Each of these women, in their own way, tried to maintain the dignity of the Jews that they were reaching out to. The generations of survivors, second generations, and now third generations bear witness to the courageous efforts of these women.

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