D.2452 PolioPlus: Challenges and Achievements

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What are the challenges and Achievements during RY 215-2016 for District 2452. By DGN 2018-19 Michel P. Jazzar, PolioPlus D2452 SC Chair.


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District 2452 and PolioPlus program Presented @ 3 rd D2452 Conference Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea. May 20, 2016. by DGN 2018-19 Michael P. Jazzar RI Representative to UN-ESCWA RC Kesrouan - Lebanon Challenges & Achievements Session “Health & Disease Prevention”

In this session:

Outbreak of polio virus in the Middle East? [ Challenges ] How Clubs in District 2452 have been engaged in immunizing children and advocating with government and partners? [ Achievements ] In this session

Polio the Disease:

Polio the Disease Egyptian stele from around 1580 BC depicts a priest with polio USA - year 1950

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative Launch:

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative Launch In 1988, the forty-first World Health Assembly adopted a resolution for the worldwide eradication of polio. It marked the launch of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), spearheaded by national governments, WHO, Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), UNICEF, and supported by key partners including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


WILD POLIO CASES Head Body Only Afghanistan and Pakistan have reported cases in 2015 and 2016

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In remaining two endemic countries Rotary members are very engaged in immunizing children and advocating with government and partners. 

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This followed the certification of the eradication of smallpox in 1980, progress during the 1980s towards elimination of the poliovirus in the Americas, and Rotary International’s commitment to raise funds to protect all children from the disease.


THE 13TH ISLAMIC SUMMIT CONFERENCE (UNITY AND SOLIDARITY FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation-OIC held its 13th Islamic Summit of the Heads of State and Government in Istanbul-April 2016. The Final Communique reaffirmed the importance of polio eradication and appealed to religious scholars and leaders to support the polio eradication campaign.

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(148) The Conference reaffirmed that preserving the wellbeing and physical health of children is a duty of every parent and society as prescribed by Islam. It, therefore, appealed to the religious scholars and leaders to support the polio eradication campaign and encourage people to respond positively to it. http://www.oic-oci.org/oicv3/topic/?t_id=11093&t_ref=4364&lan=en


Challenges War/s, population migration, lack of hygiene Outbreak of Polio virus in Middle East [Syria 2013, Iraq 2014] and in Europe [Ukraine 2015] “My country is polio free”: No one is safe!

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Achievements in District 2452 RY 2015-2016

Polio District 2452 Conference_ 6 Sep. 2016 :

Polio District 2452 Conference_ 6 Sep. 2016 Participation of RI PE 2016-17 John Germ and Judy, during their visit to Beirut Lebanon 3-7 September 2015. This conference highlighted on PolioPlus program partnership [PPP], with an outreach campaign throughout Lebanon granted by “PolioPlus partners” [90.000USD].

Polio Conference:

Polio Conference Distribution of the PolioPlus Booklet at the D.2452 Polio Conference.

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The publication of the annual 2015-16 PolioPlus D.2452 Newsletter.

Polio Fundraising Dinner:

Polio Fundraising Dinner

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District 2452 goal of +100.000 USD Historical contribution never reached so far.

Declaration of commitment:

Declaration of commitment

National Immunization Days-NIDs since 2013:

National Immunization Days-NIDs  since 2013

National Immunization Days-NIDs since 2013:

National Immunization Days-NIDs  since 2013

Zahle Bekaa:

Zahle Bekaa Recreational days and vaccination

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Recreational Day

North Lebanon: Tripoli, Denniye:

North Lebanon: Tripoli, Denniye

Chihim - Iqleem – RC Beirut Center:

Chihim - Iqleem – RC Beirut Center

South: Recreational days:

South: Recreational days

South: Vaccination:

South: Vaccination

RI/TRF-Polio representation at::

RI/TRF-Polio representation at :     WHO Polio regional meeting phase III_22-23 Oct 2015-Beirut-Movenpick Hotel [DGD Michel P. Jazzar]     WHO meeting at Amman, Jordan [PDG Usama Barghouti , March 2016]     POSE meeting May 2016, Beirut Lebanon ,May 2016. [PP Joseph Rachkidi ]

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Rotary representatives at WHO regional meetings

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Community outreach

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RY 2015-Polio community outreach

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MoPH Lebanon has recognized RCs Lebanon as partners in Polio vaccination 28th January 2016

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Lebanese MoPH , annual report 2015-16

What 100.000$ can do?:

A two-drop dose of OPV costs between $0.10 and $0.13 to immunize one kid. District 2452 donation is tripled by “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation”:  300.000$ District 2452 will immunize 2.728.000 kids . [ Based on OPV costs $0.11] What 100.000$ can do?

What 100.000$ can do?:

Every dollar spent on vaccines saves $16 in associated costs of being sick. District 2452 has saved 1.600.000$ What 100.000$ can do?

District 2452 SC Polio:

District 2452 SC Polio Lebanon - Joseph Rachkidi - Renée Boulos - Antoine salamé - Kamal Kallab - Fouad Minkara - Mario Nasard SC D2452 Hussain Tadayon , Bahrain Stella Zavrou , Cyprus Joseph Rashkidi , Lebanon Marwan Hayek, Jordan & Palestine

The magical team:

Organizing Team: 1- Visit RI PE John Germ to D.2452 , Beirut. 2- Polio Conference: +250 participants and 900 invitees to different events 3- Gala fundraising dinner The magical team

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Rtn Diah Jazzar

Polio Conference , Beirut 6th September 2015:

Polio Conference , Beirut 6 th September 2015 The Organizing Team [20 members] has been “Polio contributor” and members have earned a PHF in May 2016.


WE: WE achieved what WE have promised

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