Mosquito Killing Machine

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Mosquito Free World


Fogging and spraying pesticides are not workable and sustainable in eliminating mosquitoes from such large commercial areas and the results are seen in the guise of increased sick leaves, lower productivity, mounting healthcare expenses, revenue loss and at worse, loss of life of employees. AERO provides you the confidence and assurance of making the place work-friendly for all.


You will learn that not all mosquito traps are created equal. Most will attract and kill some mosquitoes. But only a few can do it consistently, for the right price, and on a scale that will help clear the biting insects from your yard. Fortunately, scientists have performed tests on these machines to show which ones perform the best and under what circumstances

Slide4: Biogents is a leading specialist in the ecological control of mosquitoes and other disease vectors. We develop and produce highly efficient mosquito traps that are used by scientists, healthcare professionals, mosquito control specialists and also the end consumer. In our service branch, we perform contract R&D on mosquito repellents and related products. Biogents is also a consultant on mosquito control.




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