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•Mosquitoes have been in existence since the dinosaur era which is 400 million years ago. •They are found close to still water where their larvae feed and develop. •They seem to be attracted to dark colours. •Mosquitoes will normally bite you at dawn or dusk - mostly nocturnal. Thats when their internal clocks tell them it is feeding time.

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• Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and they find lactic acid alluring thus would tend to bite people who had just exercised. • Bigger people tend to attract more mosquitoes because they produce higher Carbon Dioxide and lactic acid.

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Aedes Mosquitoes •Unlike above mentioned species Aedes mosquitoes are active during the day and they breed in clean water in man-made containers such as flower vases water accumulation in tyres and cans. In India Aedes mosquitoes are responsible for Chikungunya and Dengue. Their development from egg to mosquito is quite rapid 6-8 days. •The bites from an Aedes mosquito peak at the change of light intensity after sunrise and before sunset. •Adult has black and white markings. •Larval rest 45 degree from the surface of the water. •Egg is black in colour and shape like a rugby ball. •Life Cycle •Egg to adult stage takes 6 - 8 days. •Complete metamorphosis - egg larval pupa and adult. •Habits •Habitat - container breeder especially man-made containers with clean water. •Prefer darker colours like black and red. •Can fly short distance 50 - 100m.

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Anopheles Mosquito •The development from egg to adult takes only between 6-10 days. The female will lay between 60-150 eggs after a blood meal. Anopheles mosquitoes commonly bite at night and rest indoors and outdoors during the day. Anopheles mosquitoes are transmitters of Malaria. •The Anopheles mosquito is responsible for transmitting malaria. •Adult - pale and dark marks on its wings and resting 45 degree angle to the surface. •Larval rest parallel to surface of the water. •Egg is about 1mm long and has floats on its sides. •Life Cycle •Egg to adult stage takes 6 - 10 days. •Complete metamorphosis - egg larval pupa and adult. •Habits •Habitat - prefer clean and unpolluted water. •Biting rhythm - bite at night and rest indoor and outdoor depends on species. •Prefer darker colours. •Female with one blood meal can lay 50 - 150 eggs.

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Culex Mosquito Culex mosquitoes are transmitters of Japanese B Encephalitis a very dangerous type of brain fever. They bite at night and rest before and after blood meals. Culex breeds in polluted stagnant water and is a major pest problem in urban areas and metropolises of India where it breeds in drains. Adult - thorax legs and veins on the wings are always covered with brown scales. Dull in colour. The tip of the abdomen is always blunt. Larval rest 45 degree from the surface of the water. Egg is brown long and cylindrical vertical on water surface cemented in a raft of 300 eggs. Raft usually 3 - 4mm long and 2 - 3mm wide.

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Life Cycle Egg to adult stage takes 6 - 10 days. Complete metamorphosis - egg larval pupa and adult. Habits Habitat - mainly breed in polluted stagnant water and drains. Biting rhythm - bite at night and usually rest indoor before and after the blood meal. Sometimes they may rest outdoor. Prefer darker colours. Long distance fliers. Culex Mosquito

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