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Bridal Makeup Tips Plan your day effectively – Successfully completing a Bridal assignment is a big task in itself. Many people while reading this may feel what is so difficult to do a hair and make-up ? The biggest challenge for Indian traditional wedding is time, space, lighting in the room and proper event planning.  If you are a would-be bride this might help you . Most of the weddings or prior functions like haldi engagement (if planned on the same day) NEVER – EVER start on time. They are always delayed by an hour or two hours.


We at Impression Hair and Beauty Clinic give a complete day plan to the bride when they come for prior consultation or booking. Planning to go as a reverse calculation – For eg – If the wedding muhurat (auspicious time)is at 12.30pm then her vidhis (ceremonies) will / might start somewhere at 9am/9.30am in the morning and end by 11.15am / 11.30am. Then the bride gets a chance to relax or to change her saree (optional. Not in all weddings.) If she wants a make-up touch up (Again optional. As, if the make is waterproof and long lasting, even a touch up is not needed.) Hairstyle change (Again optional as there is hardly any time left to remove earlier hairdo and change into a new hairstyle.)


Here if the break is 45 minutes then the bride hardly gets time to change her look completely. Point to drive here is – if we have to create proper make-up overs with a change in entire hair, make-up and draping then one good makeup artist at least needs 90 minutes to 120 minutes to pre-cleanse and redo entire look. As initially explained in the example. If the bride has to be ready by 9 am/ 9.30am. makeup artist has to start by 7 am at least to finish by 9 am. As minimum 30 minutes should be given to the photographer for pre-bridal shoot. A proper time must be allotted for pre-bridal shoot, just after the final Bridal make-up.


If the bride has to wear a Dupatta covering her head then her few pictures before dupatta fining are must . In few communities bride and groom wear headgear like in Bengali, Maharashtrian , Punjabi weddings. Then it’s important to do a shoot of both bride and groom separately as well as together . Avoid using hair conditioners and serums without asking your hairstylist what is their preference. Sometimes excess of it rains the prep of any hairdo.


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