Top 10 Types of Cyber Security Threats


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You need to be aware of all those types of cyberattacks to guarantee your utmost safety and security. Here are the types of Cyber Attacks.


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Top 10 Types of Cyber Security Threats

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Cyber Security Threats Cyber Security is an offensive action that targets computer networks, personal or professional devices by using various methods to alter, steal, or destroy data.

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Types of Cyber Security Threats. Malware Phishing  Man-in-the-middle  Denial-of-service attacks SQL Injection attack Cross-Site Scripting Ransomware Password Attack Trojan Horses Drive-By Download Attack

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Malware Malware is considered as software that deliberately developed to disrupt computers, servers, and other computer networks. Blocks access to key components. Install harmful software. Steal valuable information from your system can damage certain hardware components. 1

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Phishing Phishing is a form of social engineering commonly used to steal user data such as credit card numbers and credentials for logging in. Take fraudulent action to cheat users. Steal restricted and private information. 2

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Man-in-the-middle In Man-in-the-middle ( MitM ), the invader can modify the chats and dialogues between two individuals who communicate with each other. Interference from the third party. Modify chats 3

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Denial-of-service attacks In Denial-of-service attacks, the offender to attempt to make digital assets unavailable to its expected users in a denial-of-service attack. Make digital assets inaccessible Using different IP addresses 4

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SQL Injection attack In the SQL Injection attack, the intruder can access the data and can easily add, modify, and delete the data from the database. Personal data Intellectual property Customer information Trade secrets, and more. 5

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Cross-Site Scripting In Cross-Site Scripting, the intruders sent malicious code to different users by embedding them into a trusted site, usually as a browser-side script. Browser-side script Access to personal data 6

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Ransomware Ransomware is a kind of malware attack that restricts access to your devices or files and displays a pop-up message that demands payment for the restriction to be removed. Restricts access to devices Contains malicious attachments. 7

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Password Attack Passwords are the main gateways to enter into your personal accounts securely. The passwords are usually connected to our life’s incidents, people, and places that can easily sniff and gain access to our unencrypted passwords. Unencrypted passwords. Enter personal accounts 8

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Trojan Horses Trojans are considered among the most dangerous types of all malware, as they are often designed to steal financial information. Influence a victim to install it. They are specially designed to steal financial information. 9

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Drive-By Download Attack Drive-by –download attack is a commonly used method to spread malicious scripts or codes on users’ systems. These scripts will be automatically installed in the system or might redirect to a website that is controlled by the attacker. Automatically installed Spread malicious scripts 10

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