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Global Competitive Environment&Internal Scene in India : 

Global Competitive Environment&Internal Scene in India AMAR SHUKLA & JAY MUKHERJEE

Environment has become competitive because of : 

Globalization Global political environment Economical growth Emerging opportunity in various sector Adaptations of cross culture Environment has become competitive because of

Results : 

FDI in various sectors. Local economy become global economy. Worlds economy is now connected with a single chain. Various changes within organizations. Culture and social factors become very important. Competition increased. Results

Results (cont) : 

Standardization of organizations. Management practice and cultural issue become very important. Global political factors become very important for the organizations and share holders. Results (cont)

Internal scene in India : 

Changing political environment. Market is now open for foreign investors. Foreign investment is coming various sectors. Organizations structure is changing fast. Because of more competition, quality become more important now a days. Internal scene in India

Internal scene in India(cont) : 

Social and cultural environment is developing in those organizations. Cross culture become a important part of organizations. As because more and more competition in domestic market, they also wanted to go to the foreign market. That’s why Business organizations become standardized to operate globally. Internal scene in India(cont)

Effect in Indian market : 

Now Indian economy is connected with global economy. FDI helps Indian economy to grow faster. As now Indian economy is also connected with global economy, it is very difficult to control Indian economy by “RBI”. Effect in Indian market

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