The Role Of SEBI

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The Role Of SEBI:

The Role Of SEBI By Akshay Mishra.


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), was established by Government of India in April 1992 with the passing of SEBI Act. SEBI is the regulator for the securities market in India. SEBI is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Introduction

Organization structure :

Name Designation Upendra Kumar Sinha Chairman Prashant Saran Whole Time Member Rajeev Kumar Agarwal Whole Time Member Dr. Thomas Mathew Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance V. K. Jairath magya Member Appointed Anand Sinha Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India Naved Masood Secretary,Ministry of Corporate Affairs Organization structure Upendra Kumar Sinha was appointed chairman on 18 February 2011 replacing C. B. Bhave . The Board comprises

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Objectives of SEBI To protect the interest of the investors in securities To promote the development of securities market To regulate the securities market

Functions of SEBI:

Power to make rules for controlling stock exchange . To provide license to dealers and brokers. To Stop fraud in Capital Market. To Control the Merger, Acquisition and Takeover of companies. To audit the performance of stock market. To Require report of Portfolio Management Activities. To educate the investors. Functions of SEBI

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