Dentist Act(1948)

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Dentist Act(1948) By: Dr.Jay.M.Gohil:

Dentist Act(1948) By: Dr.Jay.M.Gohil

Introduction of Dentist Act.:

Introduction of Dentist Act. An Act to regulate the profession of dentistry. WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the regulation of the profession of dentistry and for that purpose to constitute Dental Councils;


Objectives Recognition of dental qualification Recognition of the course and syllabus Recognition of institutes offering qualification Non-recognition of dental qualification Receive information from time to time regarding the course of study and training and examination Inspection of institutes


Objectives Appointment of visitors to attend examinations Withdrawal of recognition Prescribing standards of professional conduct or the code of ethics for dentists To maintain ‘Indian Dentist Register’


Objectives Furnish information of council’s activity to central government Minutes of committee meetings Annual report of activities Power to make regulations for council

Context Dentist ACT:

Context Dentist ACT “ the Council ” means the Dental Council of India constituted under section 3; “ dental hygienist ” means a person not being a dentist or a medical practitioner, who scales, cleans or polishes teeth, or gives instruction in dental hygiene; “ dental mechanic ” means a person who makes or repairs denture and dental appliances;


Cont…. “ Dentistry ” includes— the performance of any operation on, and the treatment on any disease, deficiency or lesion of, human teeth or jaws, and the performance of radiographic or in connection with human teeth or jaws or the oral cavity; the giving of any anesthetic in connection with any such operation or treatment; (iii) the mechanical construction or the renewal of artificial dentures or restorative dental appliances;


Cont….. (iv) the performance of any operation on, or the giving of any treatment, advice or attendance to any person preparatory to, or for the purpose of, or in connection with, the fitting, inserting, fixing, constructing, repairing or renewing of artificial dentures or restorative dental appliances, and the performance of any such operation and the giving of any such treatment, advice or attendance, as is usually performed or given by dentists;


Cont….. “ dentist ” means a person who practices dentistry; “ prescribed ” means prescribed by rules or regulations made under this Act; “[ State Council ” means a 3 [State] Dental Council constituted under section 21, and includes a Joint 3 [State] Council constituted in accordance with an agreement under section 22; “ register ” means a register maintained under this Act;


Cont….. “ recognized dental qualification ” means any of the qualifications included in the Schedule;] “ recognized dental hygiene qualification” means a qualification recognized by the Council under section 11; “ registered dentist ”, “registered dental hygienist” and “registered dental mechanic” shall mean, respectively, a person whose name is for the time being registered in a register of dentists, a register of dental hygienists and a register of dental mechanics.

Constitution of the Council:

Constitution of the Council

Executive committee:

Executive committee

Executive committee:

Executive committee Council shall constitute executive committee from amongst themselves Council may create other sub-committees Executive committee should have President, Vice-president and Ex-officio member and 5 other members President and Vice-president should act as chairman and vice-chairman of executive committee

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