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Dear Class of 2014 : 

Dear Class of 2014 Vote for James Ferguson as Class President

Why you should vote for me? Because: : 

Why you should vote for me? Because: I’m confident, creative, and talented I'm smart, fun, and business-minded I have lots of great ideas I know what the students want! I’m a natural leader I like to help people I’m responsible and can get the job done

What I’d do as President : 

What I’d do as President As President, I will make This school year one for us, upperclassmen, and teachers to remember. I will try and push hard for anything, and everything that the students want done. I vow to be a leader, and to improve SHHS. With me as President, We wont be just another class to come through this school. We will make our class known, And We will show the upperclassmen how its done!

The Qualities of a Leader : 

The Qualities of a Leader Leader Qualities James’ Qualities Integrity Dedication Flexibility Creativity Fairness Humor Credibility Dedication Flexibility Creativeness Fairness Humor Humble Credibility Quick thinking Assertiveness

About James : 

About James Hi, I’m James And I’ve been in Shaker Heights since 3rd grade. I’m fun, relaxed, and nice, but also serious minded, assertive, and determined. I know what the students want because I want what the students want. I’ve been a leader in many different way’s and know that I’m ready for another challenge. I have the qualities needed to be president and can handle the responsibility that comes with it. I stand out, I'm intelligent, and have lots of good ideas. If you want a President that knows what you want and knows how to get it, vote For me, James Ferguson.

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