Welcome To 7th and 8th Grade Science!

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Welcome To 7th and 8th Grade Science! :

Welcome To 7 th and 8 th Grade Science! Mrs. Clancy’s Procedures and Expectations

Our Goals:

Our Goals A s we explore the world of living things and their surroundings ,     Our ultimate goal is to have both personal and academic growth . This can only be accomplished with your help . These are my expectations for you in order to achieve our goal

Our Motto:

Our Motto Work Hard, NO Excuses! Remember: You only get what you give!


Grading You will be expected to complete a variety of assignments:  at-home and in-class projects, quizzes, tests and laboratory activities.  The grading scale for science: 76-100% -- Advanced 51-74%- Proficient 38-49%-- Basic 0-36%-- Minimal

In case you are absent….:

In case you are absent…. it is  your responsibility  to check the homework board to see what assignments you missed and what is due it is  your responsibility  to make up missed work (see Mrs. Clancy regarding due dates ) it is  your responsibility  to collect any missed handouts

Science Work:

Science Work All assignments will be submitted on loose-leaf paper .  Quizzes:   will  be given as frequently as once a week Laboratory/Activity work:   All students will be required to participate in and complete all labs and activities . Articles :  will be provided with weekly non-fiction science articles to read and complete written work on.  Homework: will be assigned every Monday and due on Wednesday.

Class Conduct:

Class Conduct Be courteous and respectful to others Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak Be prepared for class Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do so Follow directions the first time given

When entering the room…:

When entering the room… Place backpacks at the front of the room Grab binders from bookshelf Quietly have a seat and begin bell ringer After bell ringer, wait quietly for further instructions.

When leaving the room… :

When leaving the room… Clean around your work space Wait until your table is called Place binders on the bookshelf Grab backpacks and place work in class basket Throw trash in the trashcan And have a great day!!

Now…Let’s Play a Game!!:

Now…Let’s Play a Game!! Write down three Unique things about yourself on the provided index card. I will collect and read them to the class. You all will have to guess the person!

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