Dos & Don'ts for a Tradeshow

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Make Your Tradeshow Event A Success:

Make Your Tradeshow Event A Success Dos & Don’ts


Do s

1. Analyze:

1. Analyze What is the current Reputation Tradeshow Possess Who Are Your Frequent Target Audience??? Is It Strategically Located????

2. Location & Accessibility:

2. Location & Accessibility Boost Brand Awareness Attract visitors Prime Location Where Visitors Can Easily Spot You

3. Objectives:

3. Objectives Well-planned Strategy Don’t Go Under Prepared Goal for Taking a Booth at the Tradeshow

4. Distribute a handy giveaway:

4. Distribute a handy giveaway Choose Useful Giveaway To Ensure Visitors Remember You Long After They Reach home Ensure that people who visit your booth don’t return empty handed Gifts People Will Love Taking Home.

5. Publicize your booth:

5. Publicize your booth Launch a spirited campaign to publicize your participation Call active customers with invitations to grace your booth Highlight Event On Social Media Pages. Announce Contests Attract Visitors

5. Focus:

5. Focus Creatively Designed Booth & Display Better Product Display Listen to Your Prospective Customers

5. Follow Up:

5. Follow Up Listen to Your Prospective Customers Stay in Touch with New Contacts Distribute Flyer



1. Ignoring:

1. Ignoring Employees Should Speak Well Is It Strategically Located???? Not Jotting Down The Contact Details

2. Preparation:

2. Preparation Speaking Bad About Competitors Do Not Ignore Your Prospective Customer At Tradeshow Stop Being Impatient

3. Patience:

3. Patience Don’t Arguing With Customers Stop Complaining About Event

4. Loosing Focus:

4. Loosing Focus Never Leave Booth Unattended Don’t Loose Eye Contact with Customers


Ensure to follow these dos & don’ts and get this from your customer If you do not follow You might get this from your customer


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