6 Project Management Tips - Keep Everybody Happy

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6 Project Management Tips To Keep Everybody Happy:

6 Project Management Tips To Keep Everybody Happy

Understand What Project Management Involves:

Understand What Project Management Involves


1. The devil is in the details – a thorough Project Plan is a must before project launch Business Requirement Goal Features Team Technology Requirement Deadlines Highlighted SECTIONS ARE “ Plan your project Thoroughly ”


2 . Assign appropriate responsibilities to each member of your team “Assign responsibilities based on their talent and expertise”


3. Regularly evaluate each member’s contribution “Weekly reviews of each team member’s contribution”


“ client should have regular briefings about project updates ” 4. Keep the client informed of developments


5. Monitor and lead the project till its completion “ move ahead with unwavering confidence to the deadline ”


6. Evaluate the project after its completion “ Evaluate how well the project met the expectations of everybody involved ”


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