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Why you have to learn Big Data Hadoop and what are its Benefits


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WHAT IS BIG DATA AND ITS OPPORTUNITIES http://jpasolutions.in / Plot No:2,VSR Complex,2nd Floor, Velachery Taramani Link Road, Chennai – 600 042. Landmark : Opposite to Witco bags showroom +91 8754415111 / 044 45008181/044 45024411  Chennai : +91 9789887816  info@jpasolutions.in Big Data Hadoop training

  What is Big Data:

  What is Big Data Includes massive volume of structured, semi structured and unstructured data obtained from various devices like Mobile devices Software logs Radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers Wireless sensor networks Various type of big data is produced by every digital process for example Text Images Audio Videos Challenges: Analysis Curation Sharing Storage Presentation Security

Big Data Benefits:

Big Data Benefits Able to analyze and extract information Provide in time solutions Monitor and forecast impact of process Offer tailor-made healthcare solutions Explore consumer requirements for business and media Maintain buyer Histories Understand Market obligation Customize new products launch Analyze telecom data for crime control etc. Event management and planning Tailor-made banking solutions Improved sports training for players Maintenance of scientific research documents Marking maps through GPS signals to help drivers Make confidential information, accounts and transactions secure

  Big Data Security:

  Big Data Security Protection by efficient firewalls, antivirus and malware Ensure secure file transfer by data encryption Allow limited access to employees and vendors Keep sensitive information on offline servers with strong passwords


Why you have to learning Big Data Hadoop Big opportunities in industries Reduces software developments cost Make the development cycles faster Generates more customer behavior insights Management of investment cycles Big Data Hadoop Certification Objective : to develop skilled professionals How: by providing comprehensive knowledge of Big Data Tool Expectation: Enables professional to tackle data task efficiently, Increased employability in industry Competent approach will lead to success


Job Opportunities in Big Data Big Data Market is predicted to be worth $46.34 Billion by 2018 Top 5 industries hiring Big Data professionals are: Retail 8% Finance 10% Manufacturing 18 % IT 19 % Professional , Scientific and Technical Services 30 % Top Companies investing more on Big Data Professionals: EMC IBM Cisco Oracle Adobe Amazon Major Job Titles for Big Data Professionals: Major Data Engineer Business Analytics Specialist Data Visualization Developer Business Intelligence Specialist Analytics Manager Stastician


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