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Our well-trained and qualified Psychiatrists provide soothing ethical treatment for betterment of persons addicted with drug with high recovery rate


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Getting Psychiatrist Counselling - Your First Step towards A New Life :

Getting Psychiatrist Counselling - Your First Step towards A New Life


In today’s busy life mental health is an important part of overall health. Often people relate mental health with the mentally disturbed term. But in real, mental health is different from what they think . It is the state of being mentally strong to cope up with life’s challenges. Mostly we don’t give the same level of physical health to psychological well-being . Positive mental health helps in your overall health to realise own capabilities, manage stresses of life, and make a fruitful contribution to your community. Counselling helps people who struggle to deal with managing stresses of life or face serious mental health concerns.

Psychological Disorders and Health :

Psychological Disorders and Health Depression is generally experienced by a high number of people in their lives at some stages. As we live in stressful and busy lives, when some major events happen we go beyond feeling like down. It is normal when this feeling lasts for a short time. But if it continues this could be depression. Depression and anxiety are felt often at the same time. Depressions sometimes may lead to anxiety that can be quite strong, with heart trembles, with nausea feeling, may feel pain in the chest or stomach cramps. Physical effects of depression include impact on the brain, heart and other parts of the body. Depression can often be reflected at work, school and home as well as in the personal relationships of the person.

Physical effects of depression:

Physical effects of depression • Increased irritability • Less activity • Less attention • Sometimes fewer facial expressions • Hinders your ability to think and act • Cause sleeping disorders • Cause headaches, stomach aches, or other pains • Decreased functioning of immune system

Social effects of depression :

Social effects of depression • Substance use and abuse • Withdrawal from Social and family • Decreased performance at work • Loss of interest in all activities • Slowed speech • Loss of efficiency in completing tasks

Psychological symptoms :

Psychological symptoms • Hopelessness • Losing self esteem • Problems in concentration and memory • Trouble in making decisions • Lack of motivation • Even thoughts of suicide.

Path to Improved Well Being :

Path to Improved Well B eing Early intervention is the key to minimize the effects of depression. Diagnosis and treatment help to attain the path of improved well-being. Counselling helps people to have a natural tendency they need to manage with the self. A Psychiatrist counsellor helps to understand people what is going on, and develop some strategies that enable them to cope and work towards feeling better. Psychiatrists can work with people and can listen to their problems and help them to find some better way forward. At Aathmik hospital, our Psychiatrists in Madurai , view depression as an emotional problem in together with interpersonal processes like self-criticism. With an approach of safe, confidential environment our counselling helps people to explore and understand their underlying feelings and empower to make new ways to look themselves and the world around them.


Our Psychiatrists in Madurai aim to outcome quality in life, the ability to maintain better social relationships and participating in community with enthusiasm. Our psychiatrist counselling will have a significant effect and can see noticeable changes in patient’s perceptions of themselves and also with their relationships. Often, depression can lead people to feel unable to function in major areas of their life that can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Psychiatrists counselling make changes in the behaviour of depressed people so that they will be able to manage the depression feelings they experience.


Our Psychiatrists in Madurai provide counselling will help the people to make a step in recognizing their tendencies that cause depression.

Our Psychiatrist counselling provides the ability to :

Our Psychiatrist counselling provides the ability to • have healthy personal and social relationships • make good life choices • maintain physical health and mental well-being • Deal with the natural ups and downs of life


Counselling can prove to be extremely useful and can even sometimes work better than drug therapy. It is also a great way to manage the emotions when suffering from depression. At Aathmik Hospital we believe that having a strong mental health can make significant difference in the outcome of our counselling treatment. For further contact

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