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Iphone 5:

Iphone 5 Austin Cook, Albrix Cortez, Kim Cook, & Jacob Nguyen

Prior Similar Technologies:

Iphone 4: Skype mobile integration (first phone to have this) CDMA allowing for support of all kinds of 3G networks Mobile hotspot 16 or 32 GB memory High-resolution Retina display, 960-by-640 resolution, 326 ppi , Multi-Touch Face time chat: video chat, with a front and back camera on the phone allowing for people to see who they are talking to and what’s going on. 5 megapixel camera, with flash and autofocus HD video recording and LED light In addition to multi touch, wifi , GPS, and Accelerometer, the iphone 4’s new technology includes : Three-axis gyro Apple A4 chip Dual- mic noise suppression 7 hours talk time on 3G and 14 on 2G 40 hours of audio playback (10 more than iphone 3) 6 hours of internet use on 3G (compared to 5 on iphone 3) Prior Similar Technologies

Differentiating Technology:

NFC chip New search technology Face recognition More mobile tv apps Larger screen at a higher resolution More storage memory (at least 32GB) Enhanced YouTube player and mail Higher resolution camera (greater than 8 megapixels) Tethering for internet CDMA/GSM/UTMS chipset from Qualcomm Differentiating Technology


NFT Technology Integration Allows you to use your IPhone as a credit card by swiping it for purchases. Will be debited from ITunes account GPS In car GPS won’t be as necessary anymore Face Recognition Security New technology for keeping friends and family from browsing your phone. Implications


Memory 32 and 64 GB will now be the standards Up from 16 and 32 More and more data can be saved Computers are needed less and less Implications


Risks Always a new phone Iphone 4 – June 24, 2010 Iphone 3 – June 19, 2009 Iphone 2 – June 9, 2008 Iphone – June 29, 2007 $600 brand new Verizon Compatible $30 per month data plan required (extra $15 compared to other Verizon smartphones) Apps cannot be transferred from one platform to another (apps were paid for) New technology comes with the risk of problems and glitches which can be typical to new software.


Benefits Features Antenna Camera 8mp GPS Memory (32-64 GB) Face Recognition Dual Core Processor Improved Graphics Card 4G Network Faster Video Chatting Faster Download Speeds 100 megabits per second


Benefits Unlock: ability to use handset on any GSM network worldwide Frequent travelers would be able to use Facetime over 3G networks other than one at home

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