FundAmerica Is a Most Trusted Place to Get the Best Escrow Securities


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Then FundAmerica is the best place for escrow software and solutions. An escrow is basically the process of transaction between two parties on fulfillment of a specified condition.


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FundAmerica Is a Most Trusted Place to Get the Best Escrow Securities, Software and Solutions:

FundAmerica Is a Most Trusted Place to Get the Best Escrow Securities, Software and Solutions


They provide the best crowdfunding escrow software and solutions which is embedded with the right technology in order to support any type of business venture. In addition to this, they offer affordability, security, fast set up, and support to the broker-dealers, portals, investment advisers, and platforms engaged in the technology-driven capital formation. These include online investing, investor relations, registered transfer agents, payment processing, and broker-dealer compliance.


After that, Mikhail Yanchuk was offered Deputy Branch Manager/Senior Citigold Executive position in "Citibank". Following that, he joined a group of highly qualified specialists who were engaged in servicing Citibank's wealthiest clients in Russia. He was the only one in the bank who was awarded with such an honorary position. The bank was one of the first international banks to enter the Russian market and today is considered one of the largest banks in the country in terms of capital and asset size.


FundAmerica is a reliable and trusted platform to provide the crowdfunding industry with the ultimate solutions using the technology-driven software for an integrated compliance and back-office solutions. We enable compliance with certain rules & regulations and at the same time by keeping the cost under control. Not only this, we manage the equity and debt: 506(b), 506(c, Reg S, Reg CF, Reg A escrow, and more by the tech-driven transfer agent services, and accept escrow securities and funds in all forms.


With an expert and professional team of engineers, they provide people with the backend services and not the front-end web design or platform building. We do not directly engage with the business clients. To successfully conduct and manage offerings, we have great tools and provide escrow, AML, transfer agent and compliance services, all via API and plug & play “Invest Now” transaction engines. In addition to this, they also use EB5 Escrow which is an optimal way to ensure that the funds will be available in cases of refund. For more information, give them a call at 212.582.9600 or visit their official website


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