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The evolution of Human resource management


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Personnel & Employee Relations Group 4 HUMAN BEHAVIOUR IN ORGANIZATION Presented by : Andhika G. Pinanditha , Candido Revilles , Ailene alvero , Violeta Cortez & Rowena S. Garcia

Human Behavior in Organization:

Group 4 HBO Human Behavior in Organization Definition The study and application of knowledge about how people as individual and as groups act within organization. It strives to identify ways in which people can act more efficiently.

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Organizational Behavior Four Goals Group 4 HBO DESCRIBE PREDICT UNDERSTAND CONTROL 4 3 2 1

Four Elements:

People : Individual and Group. Structure : Job and relationship Technologies : Machinery, computer hardware and software Environmen t :Government, competition and societal pressure Group 4 HBO Four Elements Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behavior:

Group 4 HBO Organizational Behavior Complex? Effective Communication

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For Managers The Importance of Organizational Behavior GROUP 4 HBO Monitor Role Information Disseminator Role Spokesman Role 2. Information Role 1. Interpersonal Role Entrepreneur Role Conflict Handling Role Resource Allocation Role Negotiator Role 3. Decision Role Figure/lead Role Leadership Role Liaison Role 3 2 1

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Technical aspects Physiological aspect Moral aspect Economic aspect Social aspect Group 4 HBO ANALYSING WORK FIVE DIMENSION 1 2 3 4 5

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Group 4 HBO Successful Person in Organization CHARACTERISTICS Flexibility Ability to Reward and Compensate Tolerance to frustration Standing desire to achieve .

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GLOBAL SCENARIO OF ORANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR POLITICAL CONDITION SOCIAL CONDITION ECONOMIC CONDITION BARRIERS TO CULTURAL ADAPTATION Instability of the government Nationalistic drives (self-sufficiency) Shortage of Personnel Not familiar with Advanced Technology Low capita per income Rapid Inflation Individualistic People Parochial People Self-reference criterion Cultural Shock Overcoming Barriers Cultural Contigency

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