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Myoelectric prosthesis:

Myoelectric prosthesis Branko Štefanovič PaO

Upper limb :

Upper limb The primary purpose of an arm prosthetic is to mimic the appearance and replace the function of a missing limb . Myoelectric prosthetics are an attempt to serve both purposes of an artificial limb equally, without sacrificing appearance for functionality.

Types of upper limb prosthetics:

Types of upper limb prosthetics Functional arm prosthetics can be broadly categorized into two camps: body-powered and externally-powered prosthetics. Body-powered prosthetics use cables and harnesses strapped to the individual to mechanically maneuver the artificial limb through muscle, shoulder, and arm movement.

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Externally-powered artificial limbs are an attempt to solve this physical exertion through using a battery and an electronic system to control movement.


Myoelectric Myoelectric prosthetics have a number of advantages over body-powered prosthetics. Since it uses a battery and electronic motors to function, the myoelectric artificial limb does not require any unwieldy straps or harnesses to function.

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T he prosthetic uses electronic sensors to detect minute muscle, nerve, and EMG activity. It then translates this muscle activity (as triggered by the user) into information that its electric motors use to control the artificial limbs movements.

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The user can even control the strength and speed of the limb’s movements and grip by varying his or her muscle intensity.

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The primary disadvantages of this kind of prosthetic are currently their weight and cost. Their heavy weight is primarily due to the fact that the myoelectric artificial limb contains a battery and motor inside, and unlike the body-powered prosthetic, it does not use any harnesses to counter-balance the weight across the body.

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