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This is one of the most common question we hear from many clients, being frustrated due to lack of business from their website. So, here are 19 useful ideas to attract more visitors on your website. For more information visit:


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Search Engine Optimization Build Your Own Community Start Tweeting Offer FREE Trial This is one of the most common question we hear from many clients being frustrated due to lack of business from their website. If you ask a business entrepreneur that what he would need the most for his business he will probably say “more website traffic”. For attracting visitors to your website you may not have enough budget for paid advertising. Fortunately some free techniques are available in the market with which you can increase your website traffic rate. How to get more visitors on my website

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Make mobile responsive website Create Facebook fan page Use Linkedin for customer engagement TABLE OF CONTENT Start Tweeting Opt for guest blogging Ask bloggers to guest post on your website Create an excellent blog Build your own community Participate in networking events for brand visibility Create content in different formats Publish interview of industry thought leaders Start commenting to make yourself heard Press Releases PR Word of mouth Offer FREE TRIAL or Sample Guerilla marketing activities Try seasonal or promotional offer Submit your products to the review portals SEO Search Engine Optimization is STILL important 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

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Don’t ignore the SEO part. It’s important not only for getting high quality visitors but it is also a way to increase the credibility of a website and to expand brand awareness. SEO has two major components On Page and Off page SEO. On Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important things are: optimized titles and descriptions proper URL structures user friendly navigation optimized internal links fast loading pages top quality fresh content etc. Unlike On- page SEO Off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the webpage. The most important are: link building social media social bookmarking etc. SEO 1. SEO Search Engine Optimization is STILL important SEO leads have a 14.6 close rate while outbound leads such as direct mail or print advertising have a 1.7 close rate. Source: 04

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The days are long gone when people used to browse internet exclusively from desktops or laptops. Today people use smart phones for internet access so if you force them to pinch and scroll their way around the website then probably you are telling them to go somewhere else. So ensure than your website is properly accessible and viewable mobile optimized across all the range of mobile devices like smart phones tabs etc. 2. Make mobile responsive website 05

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It’s not enough to create good content and hope that people will find it. You have to be proactive. One of the easiest way to increase your website traffic is to be present on social media channels for sharing relevant content and build relationship with your customers. Create a company page on Facebook and use it to communicate with your target audience. Your Facebook page is a very good way to advertise your website to a large number of audience. 3. Create Facebook fan page Useful tips: Publish engaging content regularly Allow visitors to share website content on Facebook Don’t forget to optimize the Facebook posts Add website links to different parts of your Facebook page so that people can land on your website easily Add ‘Facebook’ sharing popups on your website 49 of Consumers Like a Facebook Page to Support the Brand. Source: 06

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Linkedin world’s largest social and professional platform has now become a valuable publishing platform where also you can post content on a regular basis and engage with your target audience. It will not only boost your website traffic but also gives you identity amongst your targeted industry. 4. Use Linkedin for customer engagement How it helps to increase website traffic Add Linkedin plugins on your website to increase website traffic Post frequent updates on your Linkedin company page Create relevant groups for sharing engaging content and initiating discussions Join targeted groups and engage with the members there frequently LinkedIn: 64 of social referrals to corporate homepage Econsultancy 07

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Try these to drive more website traffic Don’t forget to add website links with your tweets Adding image accompanying the content is important Use hashtags to extend your reach Follow more and more people from your target industry Involve with communities related to your niche Don’t be shy to start a conversation with people on Twitter. Ask relevant questions and participate in discussions to build healthy relationships. Tools you can use: Buffer HootSuite MarketMeSuite Create a twitter account for your company and start posting useful content from your website. To connect with customers you can hashtag industry related words in your tweets so that they also can see and retweet your content. It will give you brand visibility and a chance to engage with the people of your interest. 5. Start Tweeting 08

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The top 5 benefits of guest blogging Some of the good guest blogging sites Boosts website traffic. It brings more and more customers to your website Provides more back links. Increases credibility Provides visibility to your blogs KISSmetrics Traffic Generation Café Firepole Marketing Social Media Examiner 6. Opt for guest blogging Try to secure a guest post on a good and popular website to increase your website’s blog traffic. It also helps in brand building amongst your target audience. But be very careful: during the past one year the overall standard of guest blogging have radically changed and using spammy techniques may lead to stiff penalties. So go ahead carefully. 09

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How to get bloggers for your site Checkout for hidden talents within your own team Look for bloggers in social media Request niche experts to prepare content for your website Checkout bloggers in several freelance sites You can seek help from agencies Guest blogging has two ways. Apart from posting your content on other 3rd party blogs you can also invite people in your niche to write blog articles on your own website. They will also share and link that to their guest articles which may bring new readers to your website. But be sure that you only publish original and high quality content without spammy links because Google is ranking down the poor quality content. 7. Ask bloggers to guest post on your website 10

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How to start Select topics and the popular keywords relevant for your business Prepare article using selected keywords Publish blogs regularly Share the blogs in social media pages groups and forums Comment on other 3rd party articles and share your blogs links 8. Create an excellent blog Note the word ‘excellent’. Here I am not talking about that kind of a blog which you only write to sell something new. Write blog articles that offer useful informative and actionable materials consistently. And yes Don’t forget to ask them for subscription. As repeat visitors are the best visitors one of your objective should be to build loyal audience. So ask them to subscribe and email all your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog. 11

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People always like to share their inner thoughts and discuss on subjects they feel interesting. Starting a community forums on your own website will be a great way to build engagement and increase website traffic. Community forums are great platforms to discuss what problems your customers are facing and at the same time providing solutions. Don’t forget to implement a commenting system through several third- party solu- tions like Disqus Facebook etc through which visitors can participate in the discus- sions ask questions and give answers. You have to manage the community effec- tively in order to ensure proper decorum. 9. Build your own community As per 49 people sharing information enables them to inform others about those products they like and change others’ personal opinions or encourage action. Source: Buffer 12

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Why is it important To increase visibility of your brand Building professional relationships that may lead to referrals strategic alliances etc. To stay up to date with the latest trends To get connected with key influences from your industry Helps to spread marketing messages Helps to find out talented people for your business Always try to attend conferences or networking events which are relevant to your business and interacting with other people out there is even better. It will not only help you to increase your brand visibility but also give you a chance to express and share your thoughts. 10. Participate in networking events for brand visibility 13

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Types of content that will provide more website traffic Infographics Videos User guides Customer reviews Product reviews How- to tutorials Research papers E-books Whitepapers Case studies Podcasts Interviews People like content in different formats: text video infographics and many more. Video is undoubtedly a valuable asset for both increased website traffic and making the website more engaging and attractive. It helps to describe your offerings in a better way. Research shows that information retention is typically higher in case of video compared to other text materials. Infographics are basically big images with lots of information visually appealing piece of content which people won’t mind to share. It’s a good way to grab and hold the attention of your website visitors. 11. Create content in different formats i PDF 14

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One of the exciting ways to increase your website traffic would be publishing interviews of industry thought leaders. The recognition of the thought leader will not only boost your site’s credibility and traffic but also the interviewee may share the content too thus facilitating further expanding the reach. Conducting interviews with them will not be an easy task because for that you need to contact a lot of people and some of them will not even respond. So try to create rapport with the industry thought leaders through several ways for example social media so that they will start identifying your brand. It will make your job much simpler. 12. Publish interview of industry thought leaders “Content marketing is becoming less about the words you put on a page and more about the experiences you create for the consumer. By William Comcowich CEO of Cyber Alert”. 15

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Tips for you While posting in a forum always provide a link of your website where you wish visitors to land up. Provide a brief description of your business in your every post Provide your website link in your signature The content of your post always should contribute to the discussions. 16 On a regular basis you probably visit several websites that are relevant for your business but why don’t you join in the discussion You can easily participate in vari- ous discussions and share your thoughts there. Commenting may not necessarily increase your website traffic right away but sharing your thoughts and ideas in var- ious blogs websites and social media sites is a great way to get your place out there and will gradually help you to drive more website traffic. Reddit and Quora are the most popular forums to exchange ideas. 13. Start commenting to make yourself heard

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List of free PR sites For increasing your website traffic you need to properly build your brand reputation and influence. Use strategies to create your brand image and credibility. For exam- ple try to serve as a source in the journalist’s write ups and you will get backlinks to your website from there. It not only will improve your website traffic but also build your brand reputation. In addition to that when your brand name will be mentioned on a popular press outlet a trusted source for several people- they will start having faith on your brand. 14. Press Releases PR 17

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Some important statistics to remember: 74 of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. Ogilvy/Google/TNS 88 of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. BrightLocal Word-of-mouth has been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54. MarketShare It is a really great technique for increasing your website traffic and more sales conversions. Each and every satisfied customer can help you to get dozens of prospective sales leads. It’s one of the most trustable form of advertisement because one satisfied customer puts her reputation on the edge each time when she recommends your service or product to other people and that happy customer will not gain anything except the appreciation of those to whom she recommended you. Offer excellent customer assistance for making your customers happy and satisfied with your products and services. 15. Word of mouth 18

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Why it’s so important Helps to create a positive brand image Get response from customers even before you launch the product Customer feedbacks will help in fine tuning the upcoming product if required Chances are if customers like the free samples they will buy in future. You can capture the attention of your target audience if they get to try out your offerings with no strings attached. It’s natural that people don’t want to buy an unfamiliar product if they get an opportunity to try out another competitor’s product free of cost even if that competitor’s product or service has a lesser value proposi- tion. So start offering free trial of your products or services and see the response 16. Offer FREE TRIAL or Sample FREE TRIAL FREE TRIAL 19

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The 3 main benefits Great for small businesses which don’t want to invest huge on marketing activities. The methods used in guerrilla marketing are either low cost or free. Guerrilla marketing aims at 3 things: grabbing new customers attracting old customers to buy again and making them pay for more but all these will be done in such a way that customers get delighted. Follow the guerilla marketing strategies when you can invest your time and energy instead of money for promoting your business. With guerilla marketing you can achieve conventional objectives like joy and profit with several uncon- ventional ways like investing time and energy. Here is one great example. Colgate has created toothbrush-shaped wooden sticks for inserting into ice cream bars to remind children as well as adults the importance of regular brushing. Presumably the effectiveness of brushing with Colgate. 17. Guerilla marketing activities 20

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The top 5 promotional tactics to attract customers Reward points Incentive programs Sampling Referral points Free coupons 95 of all shoppers like coupons and 60 actively look for coupons”. - A.C. Nielson Co Offers and incentives are great ways to help in replacing the 5-10 of total cus- tomer base that businesses lose every year. Though sometimes the profit margin can be a little smaller these offers help to increase the rate of repeat purchase and attract a new bunch of loyal customers. 18. Try seasonal or promotional offer UP TO 50 21

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List of some review sites Angies List Trustpilot TestFreaks Consumer Reports Yelp “88 of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” - A.C. Nielson Co People are fond of neutral opinions. If any known person speaks about your brand then your consumers will not only start believing you but also may start using your products/services. Publishing positive reviews of your product in review sites will help you to earn the trust of your customers and improve your brand image. At the same time don’t get disheartened if your brand gets negative comments because it will help you to improve the quality of your product and understand your customers’ needs. 19. Submit your products to the review portals 22

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Connect with your website visitors through REVE Chat to provide instant assistance Get instant customer feedback during and after each support session Get insights and measure the quality of your customer support Generate more leads and increase sales conversions Explore REVE Chat Sign Up for 14 days FREE TRIAL Schedule Demo 11

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