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Krypto500 and Krypto1000 has been highly- optimized to deliver the utmost in performance with the least impact on your CPU and RAM configurations in a variety of SIGINT missions Of special interest to law enforcement are standard tools that can assist with any of these mission areas: • Counternarcotics – monitoring and analysis of ‘mules’ and spotters • Counter-smuggling – humans arms and contraband • Organized Crime and Gang Warfare All of the features of Krypto1000 that apply to this mission area are standard features and immediately compatible with any hardware in operation. The software is tightly-integrated with more than 300 leading receivers SDRs and other COMINT and SIGINT equipment and systems.

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HD DISPLAYS – beautiful purpose-built HD displays allow you to see everything If you can- not visualize target activity you cannot pros- ecute it. COLLECTION TOOLS – Krypto500 and Krypto1000 contain tools to automate and sched- ule collection recording decoding and forward- ing of any activity of interest. Operation can be manual or automatic and attended or unattend- ed for clandestine / leave-behind applications. An unlimited number of triggers may be used to automatically allow monitoring or collection of a target activity. Triggers can be based on any of hundreds of modem decoders voice detectors FM or SSB and with fingerprinting RadioID. NODAL ANALYSIS – The tools built in our DMR TMR LMR and CTCSS modules allow you to track individual radios talk groups and other network / targeted organization hierarchies. Quickly ascertain key nodes of a network for targeting. SESSION FILES – Built with the SIGINT / COMINT professional in mind it is natural that we allow one-click saving and 2-click operation of complex missions. Simply save your workspace as session files and all modules settings and control settings can be re-opened and the mission immediately placed in operation by opening the appropriate session file. A few of the many ways we can help you produce more critical intelligence are briefly outlined below:

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VOICE DETECTION – Built-in both Krypto500 for SSB voice and Krypto1000 for FM voice are highly-accurate automatic voice detection rou- tines. These routines can be used for live moni- toring or to trigger automatic collection actions. These powerful SIGINT tools are standard fea- tures not options. DIGITAL RADIO – Criminal organizations are well-funded and operate with both stolen military and the latest commercial technology. We have a continually-updated suite of decod- ers with unlimited channel processing and full control data and messaging exploitation of hundreds of DMR TMR PMR LMR and dPMR PMR446 systems. There are various white papers on our website detailing these further. CTSS – Subaudible tones can be used for a variety of reasons – controlling repeater access identifying and/or limiting access to certain radios in talk groups – and more. This feature can be used by law enforcement to target specific groups and radios as well as to identify organiza- tional hierarchies. MANY CHANNELS / LARGE NETWORKS – Both Krypto500 or Krypto1000 SIGINT suites’ extensive real-time multiple threading capacities can be greatly expanded through the use of multiple desktops and multiple instances allowing many hundreds of channels to be exploited. See our white paper on multi-channel processing. Please contact our Customer Service if you would like to receive HD videos of the above in action.

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© COMINT Consulting LLC. As it is our intent to continuously improve our products COMINT Consulting reserves the right to make changes to specifications and features without notice. COMINT Consulting and COMINT Consulting’s logos are trademarks of COMINT Consulting LLC. consulting COMINT Krypto500 and Krypto1000 is controlled by the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations ITAR 22 CFR §120-130. It may not be exported or transferred to any other foreign person foreign country or foreign entity without prior written approval from the U.S. Department of State and COMINT Consulting LLC.

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