What are the various preschool curriculum's followed

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What are the various preschool curriculum followed A child is what he learns at preschool. The curriculum plays a very important part in the child’s development. Ideally preschool curriculum should be a mix of learning and fun. Read on to know the basics of designing an ideal curriculum for preschool. The right preschool will set your kid up for success and keep her/him safe happy and engaged. Among other factors like safety convenience hygiene choosing the right curriculum that suits your child is also important. Curriculum provides a structure to their learning at the preschool. There are different curriculum philosophies – Montessori Waldorf Reggio Emilia. But bigger preschools have developed their own curriculum with the help of experts taking the best from all the different preschool curriculum philosophies. 1. Maple Bear It follows Learning through experience and exploration. The curriculum systematically develops competence in language reading mathematics science and technology. Teachers integrate subject knowledge into a variety of active techniques suitable to the developmental stages of the children. 2. Montessori The Montessori method is a developmental approach to learning allowing the child to work on a skill at her own pace to mastery. Teachers are known as “guides” and student learning is referred to as “work.” Learning is hands-on with a focus on social and practical life skills. A lot of learning occurs through special Montessori toys/tools called manipulatives such as puzzles and blocks. Classrooms are multi-age with a focus on building a community of learners that support each other. 3. Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum The Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum approach is all project-based. Students choose topics to explore with each other emphasizing the importance of working together as a community. Students learn to observe and make inquiries about the world around them and develop a drive for exploration and discovery. A Reggio Emilia classroom focuses on using the four senses to learn and the teacher is more of a facilitator allowing student questions to guide learning. The idea is that cooperative learning creates respectful and responsible citizens of the world.

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4. Waldorf The Waldorf approach focuses on a child’s spirit soul and body. Hands-on play-based learning happens in a home-like setting with predictable routines. Teachers seek to foster an inner drive for learning and to uncover a child’s innate strengths and abilities. The Waldorf method is quite different than most for a few other reasons: It excludes any kind of media computers video or any electronics and does not involve traditional academics. Note: Children are not introduced to reading in the preschool years–this happens in the first grade in the Waldorf method. A lot of curriculums are available in India and abroad. There is no governing body but Reggio Emilia India Foundation assists the schools following the curriculum. The curriculum is not yet commercially popular in Mumbai and hence one can evaluate the schools on their teaching strength Are you ready to end your search for an incredible preschool Look no further Growing Garden Preschool uses state-of-the-art teaching methods amidst an environment of endless learning opportunities. We invite you to schedule a tour so you can see what our private preschool in Manhattan Beach is all about More on Preschools in Manhattan Beach can be found here. https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/ More on Reggio Emilia Inspired Curriculum of Growing Garden Preschool can be found here. https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/curriculum/curriculum-reggio-emilia- inspired/ More on 2 Year Old-Class Schedule at Manhattan Beach can be found here. https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/classes/classes-2-year-old-class/ More on Mommy and Me Classes Schedule at Manhattan Beach can be found here. https://www.growinggardenpreschool.com/classes/mommy-me/ hermosabeachpreschool manhattanbeachpreschool redondobeachpreschool reggioemiliacurriculum preschoolsinmanhattanbeach growinggardenpreschool elsegundopreschool mommyandmeclasses 2yearoldschedule manhttanpreschool

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