Life After High School

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Life After High School The Interns

Is college for me? : 

Is college for me? Brookdale is not can earn you $300,000 more over your lifetime. Average cost of raising a child is $11,500 per year not including college (~ $275,000)

Why go to college? : 

Why go to college? Self-efficacy Self-esteem Earn more money More prestige/respect from peers Easier life

Where to go to college? : 

Where to go to college? There are affordable colleges out there for everyone! Brookdale (Avg./yr = $4 – 5k) Richard Stockton (~$5k) Ramapo (~$5k) NJIT (~$5k) Montclair, NJCU, WPU, Rutgers, Kean (~$6-7k) *Universities Avg. aid subtracted from tuition + room and board*

How to pay for collegeLoans Vs. Grants : 

How to pay for collegeLoans Vs. Grants What’s the difference? Grants = Free $ Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized loans Sub - interest does not accumulate while you’re in school (based on need) Un – interest does accumulate while you’re in school (not need-based)

Scholarships : 

Scholarships POW/MIA - $500 World Trade Center Scholarship - $6500 EOF grants - up to $4150 Heroism Scholarship – up to $10,000 Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce - $1000 Where you work!!! (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, etc. Big companies give out Scholarships!!!)

Scholarships (cont.) : 

Scholarships (cont.) Duct Tape ($18,000 awarded annually)

Scholarships (cont.) : 

Scholarships (cont.) Lefties Tall People Skateboarding Naked

Other ways to pay! : 

Other ways to pay! R.A. (resident advisors) Work in a dorm/student housing as a supervisor Work-Study Work part-time for the college in exchange for tuition (some are paid too!!!) T.A. (teacher’s assistant) Work with a professor in exchange for tuition On-campus jobs Bookstore, Cafeteria, I.T., Maintenance, Billing/Records, Student Ambassador

College not for you? Learn a trade! : 

College not for you? Learn a trade! Mr. Robert Colangelo Apprenticeship Coordinator Monmouth County Voc. Technical School West End Avenue Long Branch, NJ 07740 Phone: (732) 229-3019 x14Fax: (732) 229-5727

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