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Jason Klabal shares three reasons why biking is such a healthy form of exercise.Visit https://jasonklabal.wordpress.com/ to know more about him


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Jason Klabal :

Three Reasons Why Biking is H ealthy Form of E xercise Jason Klabal

Jason Klabal :

Jason Klabal is a biking, enthusiast. He enjoys the outdoors and loves to exercise, so biking is a great combination of the two. Leading a healthy lifestyle is important to Jason Klabal because it improves his ability to perform his job at a high level and most importantly, allows him to be there for his wife and two children for a very long time. Here are three reasons why biking is such a healthy form of exercise. Jason Klabal

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness:

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness Biking improves a person’s overall cardiovascular fitness because it makes the heart pound at a steady rate. The legs are the largest group of muscles in the body and cycling requires all of these muscles to be active and moving. This raises the heart, which is beneficial for stamina and overall fitness.

Prevention of Disease :

Biking is an excellent way to improve heart health. According to the British Medical Association, biking about 20 miles per week may reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease by 50%. While this seems to be a high number, it is important to remember that heart diseases are the number one killer in the United States. P revention of D isease

Reduce Stress Levels :

Biking reduces the overall stress levels that a person experiences. Not only is biking good for stress reduction, it is helpful for depression and improves self-esteem. The combination of exercise and being in the outdoors, breathing in fresh air, helps depression and allows the mind to wonder, creating a distraction from stressful things. Reduce Stress Levels


Jason Klabal is going to continuing biking as long as he is physically capable of doing so because of the mental and physical health benefits that he gains.

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