How to Gain Experience as a Stockbroker

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Jason Klabal took an unpaid position at a small firm after he abruptly moved to New York City from Florida. He soaked up all the experience and knowledge he could from those he worked with and created opportunities for himself to advance.


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Jason Klabal of Legend Securities How to Gain Experience as a Stockbroker

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Gaining experience as a stockbroker is easy. All you have to do is find a stock investment firm and get hired right Not necessarily. Jason Klabal of Legend Securities started with no experience in the stock market and is now a successful stockbroker. He had to be very insistent and persistent to break into the stock market as a broker. Gaining valuable experience as a stockbroker starts in college. Like Klabal many stockbrokers get undergraduate degrees in Finance. Others major in Accounting Math or Business Administration. Getting experience is important at all stages. While you’re in college you should try to gain experience by joining an investment club on campus or creating one. Look for internships even if they’re unpaid to gain real-world experience at established brokerages. This is about more than being able to put a line on a resume. Gaining this experience is also about gaining the skills you need to succeed in a very competitive and potentially rewarding industry.

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Working with large volumes of investment figures and numbers takes practice to develop any semblance of useful investment systems that you can use for your customers when you break into the industry. Gaining this experience also strengthens your network and builds connections to industry veterans who can help you in your future career. Jason Klabal of Legend Securities has spent eighteen years building his experience and skill with many different brokerages including J.P. Turner and CO LLC Mercer Capital LTD and Buckman Buckman and Reid Inc.

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