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flight instructor training is now easy to obtain. Visit CFI Bootcamp for more details about the flight instructor training and course. visit here: http://www.cfibootcamp.com/new-100-online-course


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Flight Instructor Training 100 Online Flight Instructor Course  Taught by a former FAA and CAA Examiner  Checkmark.png  Complete HD Online Course  Checkmark.png  Package with our Digital Resources  Checkmark.png  Perfect for Flight Schools  Checkmark.png  Perfect for Self Study

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Additional Information Our new Online CFI Course is full HD video. Everything is online in our online system. Watch take notes and use our custom workbook to cement your knowledge. The course includes an Adacemic ground school Approximately 14 hours and the HD Video Approximately 30 hours. The content is fantastic and taught by a former FAA and UK CAA Pilot Examiner. He has taught more than 200 initial Online CFIs and tested numerous as a DPE. This complete course is 1200.00.

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How to create a lesson plan or buy them here THE PROBLEM: Creating a CFI lesson plan from scratch is something flight instructor courses and students of them dont do well. This is primarily because there isnt really good material from the FAA on how to do it. The Aviation Instructors Handbook has two small segments in Chapter 4 and 6 that speak about it but dont offer any real clear step by step instructions. Part of this is because they are not approaching the subject as an educator only as a pilot who needs to be able to teach someone to fly. Every educator knows how to construct and use a lesson plan. Its a staple in teaching. The problem is that these types of lesson plans dont conform that well to maneuvers based training like teaching Steep Turns. The lesson plans are taught from a classroom and academics program and arent that good for CFI Lesson Plans that you need to teach your students and to present on a checkride.

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For More Info Visit Here: Address: 1925 Embarcadero Rd Palo Alto CA 94303 USA 94301 650-600-1021 infocfibootcamp.com Website: www.cfibootcamp.com

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