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The Growing Garden Preschool is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and has integrated important parts of the philosophy into its curriculum, facility design and teaching style. At the Growing Garden each child grows in a warm, light, natural environment where they can develop and learn using their own creativity and passions.


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What is a Preschool? A preschool is a place where a foundation is laid for your toddler, for a smooth and effortless way to the school. Just like a sculptor shaping a sculpture, the same is done by the preschools and make your child ready for future endeavours.


Why Preschool is important? As a building needs a firm foundation, you child needs to have firm roots in skills, character, growth, emotions and academics. Preschool helps to develop all these in their own play and plug technique. They also emphasize on physical growth and fitness, the use to do this with various physical activities and games, both indoor and outdoor.


What Preschools teach? They have different learning areas including arts, science, painting, and math, puzzles, problem solving activities, and music, story-telling, group activities. They also encourage outdoor games and activities related to physical growth and improvement.


Reggio Emilia Preschool They are devoted to dramatic play, art, writing, sand/water, reading, math, manipulative, blocks and science. Both teachers and parents are seen as partners in learning with the children


This program includes activities that encourage socialization skills.  We have activities set up on tables such as painting, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles, Duplos , etc. 2 year old class


3 year old class These include story time, Jewish holidays and culture enrichment including Bible stories, music and movement, and small group activities, which focus on specific skills such as number recognition, matching, measurements, letter recognition, and other pre-academic skills.


4 year old Class They introduce reading and literature, writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, social studies, math, and science.


Clean & Secure A good preschool should not only attend to the mental well-being of a child but also his or her physical well-being.


The Growing Garden Preschool & Kindergarten is a place where young children discover creative and nurturing experiences. Our Preschool fosters a life-long quest and love for learning, building a strong foundation for social, emotional, academic, physical and spiritual growth. We are the only Jewish Preschool in the South Bay that is Reggio Emilia inspired . The Growing Garden Preschool provides early childhood education for preschool age children the South Bay serving Manhattan Beach Preschool Redondo Beach Preschool Hermosa Beach Preschool El Segundo Preschool


Growing garden Summer camp In addition to lots of amazing camp activities, we have Water Fun days


We have regular cooking activities on cooking days!

Slide19: 2108 Vail Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 Phone: 310-214-4999

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