Website Content Writing Tips After Google Penguin Update


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Website Content Writing Tips After Google Penguin Update:

Website Content Writing Tips After Google Penguin Update By Content Writing India Website:

Website Content Writing:

Website Content Writing Website Content writing is the most important and vital part for a website. Content writers should use relevant word to attract specific target audience Content cannot be duplicate. Content writers should always remain aware of the grammatical errors and try to use simple words so that it is easier for their audience to understand.

Google Penguin Update:

Google Penguin Update Now a days number of websites are launched with duplicate content so to check web spamming Google has released Penguin update on 24th April 2012 . Google penalized the websites who are constantly into this web spamming . This algorithm is build to stop the work of Black Hat SEO and to penalize websites which are utilizing low quality content. After Google Penguin update content writing for readers or human is much more important than search engine crawlers.

Recovery strategies to save your website from the grip of Google Penguin Update :

Recovery strategies to save your website from the grip of Google Penguin Update Put unique and relevant content for your website . Automatic article spinning should be avoided. Content writers should remain aware about the words used and always try to use simple words for their audience .They should also remain careful about the writing style . Keyword stuffing can’t be done .If your article have 500 words then your keyword density would be 1.4%to2% (approx). Put content related links on your website so that audience would get more information regarding the topic. Unnecessary internal links should be avoided . Revisions should be done before submitting your content because spelling mistakes would send away traffic from your website.

Content writing format :

Content writing format Content writers should be versatile. He or she should have the capability to write flawlessly on any topic. Content writes should know the essence of the topic and write the content related to that topic and don’t switch from the main topic. A descriptive title should be written at the first. To make your writing more user friendly you can give one idea per paragraph. Content writers should also take care of their words they are using in their article, it should be simple and concise . They should have good knowledge in grammar, parts of speech and have a good vocabulary. Content writers can summarize the article at the beginning. So that audience get an overall idea about the article.

PowerPoint Presentation:

After Google Penguin update it is concluded that ethical content writing is very essential for all websites to generate traffic and also to get a renowned position in the rank report. The main reason behind Google Penguin update is to improve the search result for its users so that user can get relevant and unique content.

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