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Musical Instrument s of :

Musical Instrument s of Thailand By: Jasmine B. Mateo

Classifications of Thai Musical Instruments:

Classifications of Thai Musical Instruments



Khawng Wong:

Khawng Wong

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A set of gong circles with low pitches that are an octave lower than the Khawng wong yai composed of 18 knobbed bronze pot. It gongs placed in a circular wooden frame.

Ranat Thum:

Ranat Thum

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a box shaped metallophone that is placed on the floor & played while sitting, has two and a half octaves that is struck by a padded mallet

Ching chap:

Ching chap

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set of percussion instruments like a pair of cymbals made out of a thick metal shaped like a tea cup.

Khawng wong yai:

Khawng wong yai

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also a circle of gongs and is the largest sets of gongs composed of 16 knobbed bronze pot



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Pi a wind instrument, the sound it produces and the blowing technique is unique to Thailand .



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Saw sam sai a triangular shape with a spiked leg. Its body is made of coconut shells and calf skin, has 3 strings and no frets. The pitch depends on the size of the coconut shell.

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Jakhae is shaped like a crocodile, body is big and hollow in order to resonate the sound of the instrument better. Thailand’s most important stringed instrument with the most beautiful sound.



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Ramana a shallow drum that looks like a tambourine without the metallic discs the diameter of its head is bigger than its body. Thon a bowl shaped ceramic drum that is used in the mahori ensemble.

Klong khaek :

Klong khaek They are always played in a pair, usually by two players, although if two players are not available a single player may play both drums. The two drums fit their beats together in hocket , or interlocking form.

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Taphon a drum placed on a stand. It is played with both hands using the palm and the fingers.

This Is The End Of My Presentation…:

This Is The End Of My Presentation… Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato

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