My Summer Holidays

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My Summer Holidays:

My Summer Holidays BY Jaskirat Singh 8HA

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In my Holidays, I went to the Southend Beach. I had a great day there, I played a lot of games like cricket, netball etc. Some of my other friends were there as well. We all had a great time there. SOUTHEND BEACH

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Also In my Holidays, I went to Westfield to do shopping. I brought a lot of clothes and a new pair of trainers from JD. It was really great to be shopping at Westfield. SHOPPING AT WESTFIELD

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In my holidays I had a lot of fun because the cricket series were going to start again. So it was going to be great. WATCHING A CRICKET MATCH

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Watching TV was good as well, I watched the cricket series and the Olympics. The Olympics were great and I really enjoyed watching it. WATCHING TV

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