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UniRelo provides shipping to India services from USA. Shipping to India from USA Certain goods are prohibited (banned) or restricted (subject to certain conditions) for import and/or export. These are goods of social, health, environment, wild life and security concerns. For more details, please visit


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SHIPPING TO INDIA FROM USA - PROHIBITED GOODS Certain goods are prohibited banned or restricted subject to certain conditions for import and/or export. These are goods of social health environment wild life and security concerns. While it is not possible to list all the goods more common of these are : PROHIBITED GOODS  Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances.  Pornographic material  Counterfeit and pirated goods and good infringing any of the legally enforceable intellectual property rights.  Antiquities RESTRICTED GOODS  Firearms and ammunition.  Live birds and animals including pets.  Plants and their produce e.g. fruits seeds.  Endangered species of plants and animals whether live or dead.  Any goods for commercial purpose: for profit gain or commercial usage.  Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage.  Gold and Silver other than ornaments For import only  Indian and foreign currency in excess of prescribed limits :  Foreign currency in excess of US 5000 in the form of currency notes or equivalent US 100000 or equivalent in the form of currency notes bank notes or travelers check is required to be declared on arrival.  Foreign currency in excess of amount legally obtained or in the case of tourists in excess of the amount declared on arrival or in excess of the exempted limit of declaration at the time of departure.

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 Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs like Heroin Charas and Cocaine or in Psychotropic substances is a serious offence and is punishable with imprisonment.  Export of most species of wild life and articles made from flora and fauna such as Ivory Musk Reptile skins Furs Shahtoosh etc. is prohibited. For any clarifications passenger should approach the Regional Deputy Director Wildlife Preservation Govt. of India or the Chief Wildlife Wardens of State Governments posted at Calcutta Delhi Mumbai and Chennai.  Export or Import in prohibited and restricted goods commonly leads to arrest.  Highly flammable items such as gasoline butane propane camp stove fuel or charcoal lighter  Aerosol containers including hair spray cooking spray cleaning fluids insecticides or air fresheners  Corrosives or solvent such as paint thinner ammonia or bleach  Toxins such as rat poison herbicides or pesticides For More details about Prohibited Goods Please Click here

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