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Post Harvest Technology:

Post Harvest Technology Post harvest losses of vegetables contribute to food insecurity, poverty and economic hopelessness in developing countries. Two over ridding gaps are the inadequacies in fresh produce handling and processing and lack of awareness and adoption of available technologies. It is estimated that 10-15% of horticultural crop such as fruits and vegetables perish due to lack of PHT. The loss in monetary term is abt 20crores

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Fresh vegetables are subject to rapid quality deterioration after harvest due to their high water content, active metabolism, spoilage pathogens and insect/pest. So post harvest management is compulsory for freshment and quality of vegetables. Post harvest technology for fresh vegetables The farm to table approach is increasingly used to grow and market fresh produce. For this introduces some production factors that influence product, quality & shelf life & discusses post harvest technology innovations and recommendations from harvesting to market handling.

varieties/hybrids Suitable For Processing:

varieties/hybrids Suitable For Processing All the cultivars of various commodities are not suitable for processing into value added products. At present, there are limited number of cultivars available for processing into specific products, some of eg . Are as under:-

Processing varieties:

Processing varieties Potato Kufri chipsona-1,2 chips Peas Pusa pragati , Arkel Canning, frazing Chilli Pusa sadabahar , Punjab lal , Pant C-1 Drying, sauce Ash gourd Pusa Shakti , Co-1 Petha sweet French bean Pusa parvati , Contender canning Crop name variety Process product onion Pusa red Pusa white round Pusa white flat Flakes, powder Tomato Pusa gaurav , Roma Punjab chuara , Arka saurabh , Pusa hybrid-2,4 Sauce , Ketchup, Chutney

Harvester :

Harvester A tractor mounted digger in potato, notany speed up the harvesting, operation but also minimizes bruise and mechanical damage to the tubers. Washing Machine:- Washing is an important post harvest unit operation that a great impact on the quality assurance of vegetables.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Sorter and Grader:- Several types of grading machines have been developed for different vegetables .

Irradiation :

Irradiation Irradiation of vegetables for quarantine purposes and extension of shelf life is gaining popularity and consumer acceptability day by day. Packaging :- Packaging sector on perishable horticulturable produce has experienced remarkable changes in the past. Hence the traditional packaging material like gunny bags, bamboo baskets and wooden boxes are being replaced with CFB boxes bins, dividers, liners, film wrap and polysterene foam boxes.

Ethylene removing packaging:

Ethylene removing packaging Ethylene is chemically simple abiquitous chemical that has divorce effect on physiology of plants like flowering in pine apple, d-greening of citrus and ripening of tomatoes. Potassium permanganate, activated carbon can be used as ethylene scavengers.

Biodegradable plastics:

Biodegradable plastics Use of biodegradable laminate of a chitosan-cellulose and polycarprolaction as a film for modified atmospheric storage of fresh produce (shredded lettuce and cabbage, cut broccoli etc. Photodegradable plastics: Plastic obtained by giving photodegradable to main chains of polymers by adding additives that are light sensitive.

Edible films and coating:

Edible films and coating Polysaccharides, protein, lipids can be used as edible films or coating. CA storage : Technology has been standardized for controlled atmosphere storage of several vegetables. Usually oxygen below 8% and carbon dioxide above 1% are used.

Hypobaric storage:

Hypobaric storage In hypobaric or low pressure storage systems, the produce is kept under a reduced pressure(200mm hg) Mobile cool chamber : The development of mobile cool chamber for short distance transportation of vegetables, mobile cool chamber consisting of an insulated box with TMS could be used

Refer vans:

Refer vans In Refer vans there is precise control of temperature and relative humidity keep vegetables fresh for long time. Low cost cool chamber: Pusa zero energy cool chamber developed by IARI has under come several modification by various institution in Indian and abroad.

Cooling methods in developed countries:

Cooling methods in developed countries Use of ice: E.g.. In Yunnan, china ice bottles are used commercial grower as a simple technique for cooling produce in containers & prevent direct contact of produce with ice. Evaporation cooling storage: refrigerated facilities. Temperature within chamber were reduced by as much as 17-18°c. with more than 90% Rh during peak summer periods.



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