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Guest Post:- Cyprus student visa: About Cyprus student visa requirements There are several colleges in Cyprus that provide courses for both international students and its residents. There are many other benefits and diversity opportunities in the subjects with diversity Students interested in studying in Cyprus. Study visa for Cyprus is more attractive than the reasons for this:  Bank statement not required  IELTS/TOEFL Not Required  reduced cost  Competitive European standard education  Safe environment with a friendly atmosphere  Competitive standards of European education  Safe environment with a friendly atmosphere  Places to visit  Universal society Each student must be in possession of a relevant permit issued by the Civil Archives and Migration Department. Cyprus Study visa is issued for a specific educational institution. In the case of a foreign student after deciding to change an educational institution a new residence permit will be required. The presence of the school is compulsory and is related to the programs and programs of study approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Necessary documents At first students had planned to continue their studies while living in Cyprus who applied for their relevant courses in college/university. This step will help them apply for visa processing. While applying for admission many documents to be attached to the University application form are required. 1. Photocopy of Passport: Copy should contain the applicants data showing pages and two empty pages. 2. Photocopy of Police Certificate: Showing character approval and the applicant has no criminal background for the last 1 year. 3. Photocopy of bank certificate: In the letter issued to sponsor students it has been shown that he was given full authority to survive while studying in Cyprus and there was sufficient amount in the account. 4. Photocopy of academic documents: Including all academic documents 5. Photo: Four 4 passport size photographs 6. In some cases IELTS and TOFEL are not required for admission to college or visa processing for Cyprus. How to apply

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Residents of non-EU countries require a student visa to study in Cyprus. If they want to study in Cyprus they should be full-time students A full-time student who takes at least 12 credits in one semester. Visas for students both in the country of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus/High Commission /Consulate or Migration Department in Cyprus can be issued in the country of the candidate. A: Candidates issued student visas in the country: If applicants have Cyprus Embassy or High Commissioner in their country they come directly from there for visa application. B: Student Visa Issued in Cyprus: If the applicant does not have any embassy or official representative in his country then he/she should provide a list of documents to the school/college applying for study in Cyprus. On behalf of the student College will apply for student visa the Migration Department. Once the visa is issued its copy will be sent to the student. Visa details: Fee: Student visas normally fall under the category of limited visas or visas with Visa processing fee limited to this category for visa the visa processing fee is approximately 10.25 euros for a single entry. Time: The visa process takes approximately one month so it is necessary to file the application at least 2-3 months before the expected date of enrollment. In most cases individual applications are processed on the same day at 24 hours but it may take up to 2 weeks if the application is required to specify Cyprus depending on the applicability of the applicants nationality For More Information about Cyprus student visa get in touch with ISA Migration we will happy to assist you.

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