Jarrett Franklin: Modern-Day Food Industry

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Jarrett Franklin has been a member of the healthy food industry for much of his professional career. Jarrett Franklin, an entrepreneur, innovator, and leader in the industry for decades.


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Jarrett Franklin : Modern-Day Food Industry

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Jarrett Franklin has been a member of the healthy food industry for much of his professional career. Jarrett Franklin an entrepreneur innovator and leader in the industry for decades Mr. Franklin has acquired significant knowledge and expertise of those facets that comprise the industry as a whole those that makeup what is perhaps the most important industry on the globe.

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Different Components Franklin understands the different components that make food growth processing packaging sales and delivery possible. The different components making up the modern-day food industry include: ● Agriculture ● Processing ● Manufacturing ● Food Distribution/Wholesale ● Grocery/Retail/Markets ● Regulatory

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Agriculture Where all crops livestock and seafood originate as well as were each is produced and cultivated. These all foods are good for health.

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Processing Where the manufacture of prepared foods and preparation of fresh products to be made available on the market take place. Processing is done by keeping health in mind.

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Manufacturing The aspect of the industry responsible for farm supplies machinery agricultural construction and agrichemicals.

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Food Distribution/Wholesale Comprised of companies responsible for the transportation warehousing and logistics of foods from the field to the table.

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Grocery/Retail/Markets Those places responsible for the display and sale of food on a mass scale.

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Regulatory That portion of the industry that sets standards of quality and health and which regulates and monitors the food production process.

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