How To Spot IRS Tax Scams


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It is rarely that the IRS calls you. It is the fraud and imposters who do it to scam you. The current presentation is all about staying safe from the scams. Going through the presentation will enable you to stay safe. For more details visit:


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How To Spot IRS Tax Scams


INTRODUCTION It is not surprising to get a call from IRS office regarding your tax return. There is nothing to get frightened of this. Only one must assure about one thing that it is not a scam or fraud. Each year, several people are duped by the imposter as IRS personnel. IRS never disturbs people who pay the taxes on time and has a clear background. Further, they communicate only via mail through the United States Postal Service. The current presentation will let you know about more important matters regarding IRS scams.


Watch Out for Phone Calls Remember that IRS never calls for demanding the payment of tax amount. They do not ask you for paying the tax amount through the prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer. They only mail you. Even if they want to call you, they will send you mail and ask for your convenient time. Sometimes, there are robocalls which instructs you to pay money to IRS. Some directly call and say that you owe money to IRS for a tax return. Remember, whatever the situation it may be, never get panicked and pay.


Beware Of Emails As mentioned earlier in this presentation, the IRS only communicates through the mail. They do not even send emails to the people. Therefore, if you are getting any email mentioning or asking you to pay the tax, it is nothing but a work of an imposter. Do not follow the instructions mentioned in the email. Following the instructions, you any fall into the trap of the scammers. However, if you have an accountant, they can help you avoid such IRS Scam .


Be Cautious Of Letters IRS sends only letters, but that does not mean that other imposters or scammers will not send you letters. Taking the logo and creating a letterhead with it is not a difficult task. Further, often the scammers often send some supporting documents with the mail to make it look real. However, in case of getting such mail, one must not do any panic. Rather, they must call the IRS to verify that if they send anything like that or not. If IRS did it, then they will confirm else they will help you find the scammer.


It is important to stay protected from the scammers. However, by chance, if you fall victim of any IRS scam, do not hide it. You must report it to the IRS. You call them and tell the whole incident to them. They will help you find the real culprit. Hiding such an incident will encourage the scammers and will not help you at all. However, number of people used to get frightened to inform IRS about it, which is ultimately helps the scammers. Report Scams


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