What went wrong?

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What went wrong? :

What went wrong? Poor management? Human error? Blowout preventer? Cementing procedure?


Yes… Failure of a cement barrier in the production casing string. The blind shear rams failed to fully close and seal due to a portion of drill pipe trapped between the shearing blocks. The blowout preventer had a hydraulic leak and a failed battery. The underwater control panel had been disconnected from the pipe ram, and instead connected to a test ram. BP managers misread pressure data ultimately contributing to the rig explosion.

Poor Management:

Poor Management Decision management? BP investigation White House Oil Spill Commission report Risk management? Anadarko Petroleum Corporation theory Donald Winter theory US Coast Guard theory Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) theory Communications?

Blowout Preventer:

Blowout Preventer Failed to fully engage Hydraulic system leak Provides power to the shear rams Failed battery Underwater control panel Disconnected from the pipe ram Instead connected to a test ram Conflicting schematic drawings Shear rams

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