Gombay & The Wild Duck

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Gombay & The Wild Duck : 

Gombay & The Wild Duck

Gombay : 

Gombay Once There live a hunter who named gombay. There was a pond near his house where wild ducks came to play. He had been getting one for each day as his father had before him. But One day he thought “if I can catch a hundred wild ducks in a day, I can be as lazy as I want for ninety nine days. It seemed like a very good plan.

Flying up in the sky : 

Flying up in the sky Immediately, He set the snare of a hundred loops made with one rope. And he hid him self behind a tree, it was just before a dawn, and he could count ninety nine duck in the loops. He waited for one more duck, Finally the sun began to show bright on his face, and the ducks where surprise that there where in a trap, and flew up all together at once.

Hold the end of the rope : 

Hold the end of the rope Gombay holding the end of the rope flew up high in the sky, to. Help Help! He cried from the sky but no body could hear, atlast the rope snapped suddenly, and he went down, Gombay realize he become a wild duck as he was falling down, Yes he was flying now as freely as he wanted, but he had to live as a wild duck, anyway. He felt hungry and flew down near a pond, he saw small fish swimming in the pond. He was going to catch it for a tasty meal, but he was caught with a snare like the one that he used.

GOD : 

GOD Gombay became sorrowful and said to him self, “what a pity when even one duck is caught” And he tried to get hundred ducks at a time. “but it is indeed the punishment of God” He shed tears, and they drop on the rope, then it snapped. “What a miracle”. Gombay was so glad that he shed tears again. This time tears flowed down and got his cloth’s wet. “What a miracle again” He became Gombay as he was. Since Then, he stop hunting wild ducks. Kind, hearted farmer, and live happily forever.

The End : 

The End

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